The Addiction Treatment Process

A rehab and addiction recovery journey is one of the most challenging, rewarding, and life-changing experiences. However, no two journeys are exactly the same. Some people find it easy to live a sober life and regain control over their lives. 

While, for others, the battle against addiction is a long and labored one. Whatever your journey will be, it is important to know what the road ahead will look like and make the right choices for you and your loved ones. Here at the Peaks Recovery Centres, we have created a specialized and tailored addiction treatment that makes the experience easier, less painful, and effective. Here is what to expect. 

The Phases of Addiction Rehab and Recovery

In the US, over 21 million people struggle with addiction, and only a small percentage of them can receive the necessary treatment. At the same time, the number of overdose deaths has tripled over the last thirty years, and addiction has become an epidemic that can affect anyone. Yet, each case of addiction is different and unique, and thus should be the rehab program crafted for each person.

Finding The Right Rehab Program and Completing Admission

During your initial consultation with the specialized medical staff at the Peaks Recovery Centres, you can find out more about the kind of treatments offered and the best journey for your needs. 

A specialist will review your addiction type and severity, lifestyle, pre-existing responsibilities, and medical history, and recommend a specific rehab plan. This might include a detox phase, inpatient rehab, or Intensive Outpatient Treatment.

Once you have decided that the Peaks Recovery Centres are the right match for your goals and have all the facilities and features you need, you can get in touch with the admission line. During the admission process, an admissions specialist will ask more about your current situation, what prompted the call, and what are your financial means. Financial help and payment plans are also available.

The Detox Phase

The Medical Detox phase is sometimes needed to treat drug addiction and withdrawal symptoms that are associated with certain substance abuse. The Detox phase is usually at the beginning of your rehab journey, it is an intense phase, and it can be a delicate time to go through.

During this time, both your body and mind will undergo the symptoms of withdrawal. So, you are likely to experience psychophysical effects such as depression, fatigue, anxiety, muscle spasms, aches, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, sweating, and sleep disturbances. 

Detoxing alone and undergoing the withdrawal phase without the guidance and support of a team of doctors, specialists, and healthcare professionals can be difficult and dangerous. 

At the Peaks Recovery Centres, you will find suitable facilities that are fully medically staffed, 24/7 nursing and psychological support and medical help.

The Inpatient Program

At the Peaks Recovery Centres, we use our innovative Stabilization Model. With this model, we encourage you to achieve a state of stabilization, which will allow you to return to a sober life and enjoy long-lasting results. 

Our process includes two steps:

  • Step 1: Withdrawal Stabilization – during this step, you will work together with our medical team to detox your body from addictive substances. Withdrawal symptoms are likely, but you will find the support needed to avoid relapses and unnecessary pain. 

Step 2: Craving Stabilization – after the withdrawal symptoms have died off, a relapse could happen as a consequence of triggers and cravings. During this phase, you will work to lay solid foundations for long-lasting, addiction-free life.

Family Therapy

Addiction rarely disrupts just one person’s life. Usually, the loved ones and family members of the addict will suffer from their addiction too, whether that’s financially or emotionally. At the Peaks Recovery Centers, we understand that the recovery journey is not a lonely one, and we strive to create rehab processes that aim to restore the whole family’s health, boundaries, affection, and relationships.

Thanks to our family programs, we educate the whole family about the impact that the addiction and trauma have had on their loved ones. This is part of the foundations for a long-lasting recovery.

Outpatient Support

Once you are stable and you have learned the power of controlling cravings, Peaks Recovery will offer you outpatient support – or an ambulatory level of care.

If you are transitioning from the rehab program to your newly rediscovered sober life, IOP care can help you reduce the chances of potential relapses. Unlike common outpatient services, this type of treatment requires more frequent contact with your treatment provider and a more structured program. This type of treatment can also be helpful if you have experienced a short relapse after treatment, you don’t meet the requirements for inpatient treatment, or IOP is included in your inpatient program’s aftercare plan.

Sober Living

Patients who have undergone the inpatient rehab treatment and enjoy a stable situation might also transition into a sober living environment. Sober living means that a patient will still meet all of their appointments, from classes to therapy sessions and checkups, while enjoying the safety and care in our facilities. However, sober living will encourage them to regain control of their lives. 

Ongoing Meetings

Most of today’s high-quality inpatient and outpatient rehab treatments are successful. However, the relapse rate is still high – especially in the first year after treatment. This is why it is necessary to prolong the care beyond your time at our facilities. With each of our plans, you can benefit from ongoing meetings and continued support. These include:

  • 12-Step meetings
  • Community resources
  • Transitioning from the foundation program to your sober life
  • Establishment of personal responsibility
  • Learning positive communication models

Discover Your Tailored Addiction Rehab Process Today

From the moment you contact the Peaks Recovery Centers to your last meeting and beyond, we strive to be your trusted partners in this life-changing journey. However, we want you to fully understand what to expect from our unique addiction rehab process – get in touch today and ask any questions.