Heroin Addiction

Is Heroin Addiction Treatable?

The answer here is yes. Absolutely. However, just like with all drug addictions, the road to recovery with heroin can be difficult. Heroin hijacks the dual powers of reward and punishment. By manipulating the two most important motivating forces a human experiences when alive, heroin short-circuits a user’s mind, chemically binding the individual to the drug. As heroin perverts the design of the brain, a heroin abuser’s world shrinks to only consider, seek, and pursue the next “high.” But despair not. There is hope yet. As terrible and difficult as recovery may seem to and may very well be, heroin addiction is indeed treatable. But the success of recovery depends on addiction getting the attention it deserves, namely, the medical attention that is reserved for any other condition considered as a disease. 

Signs Of Heroin Abuse

Heroin signs

The single best chance you have for a preventing the heartbreaking effects of a loved one’s addiction is to detect and address it early. If you’re suspicious, do not ignore it. This is a disease that can spiral downhill very quickly.

If you notice someone you care about exhibiting the following behaviors or physical signals, please don’t wait to seek help.

Some of the symptoms you’ll notice if someone is addicted to heroin are:

Pinpoint or constricted pupils
Flushed skin or itchiness
Needle marks on the arms or legs
Uncharacteristic sudden and dramatic mood swings
Anxiety, depression or irritability
Excessive sleepiness or falling asleep at unusual or inappropriate times
Social withdrawal or abandoning activities they used to enjoy
Ignoring responsibilities or decreased performance at work or school
Risky behavior such as sexual promiscuity or drinking and driving
Impulsive decision making or impetuous actions
Lying, stealing or sneaking around
“Doctor-hopping” to get additional prescriptions
Hypersensitivity to pain

Long Term Effects Of Heroin

A user is not choosing to be different, it is the chemistry of heroin that warps their central nervous system. The body becomes weaker and overly sensitive to pain from the drug wreaking havoc on parts of the brain that determine behavior. 

Mental Disorders
Lung complications
Infections in the heart
Collapsed veins
Liver & kidney disease
Damaged tissue in the nose
Dementia-like symptoms
Brain damage

Heroin Addiction Treatment Options

Heroin is chemically designed to enslave a user from the inside-out. Treating an addiction to heroin calls for the needs of most diseases, namely medical supervision, emotional support, and ongoing preventative care. Indeed, it is high time that addiction is recognized for what it is; a deadly disease that can and must be treated for a user to live his or her best life. If you are addicted to heroin and need to find heroin abuse treatment in Colorado, please call our rehab center today.

What To Look For In A Heroin Rehab

We know the decision in choosing the correct treatment center is an important one. Once you have determined the level of care you or your loved one needs, there are a few factors to consider before making the final decision. With each individual and circumstances varying, consider some of the following:

Gender Specific
Dual Diagnosis
Culture & Values
Therapy Types
Budget & Insurance
Holistic Approaches

Heroin Treatment At Peaks Recovery

A quality treatment center can help you assess and determine the right course of action for your loved one. A full recovery is absolutely possible with the right support system and a plan that gives the addict the tools they need to navigate life post-treatment.

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Comprehensive assessment
Detailed treatment plan
24-hour staffing
Dedicated medical team
Psychiatric support
Medication management
Daily physician visits

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Individual Therapy
Small-Group Sessions
Recreational Therapy
Life Skills Development
Peer Support
12 Step meetings & support
Holistic Healing

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Culinary Team
Transportation in program
Case management & discharge planning
Beautiful campus style living environment
Family support

Heroin Rehab Services

Drug & Alcohol Detox

Peaks Recovery is medically staffed by a primary care physician, a psychiatrist, and around-the-clock nursing. The medical team acumen provides the safest medical detox in the state of Colorado.

Inpatient Rehab

Peaks Recovery is licensed to provide both inpatient and residential drug and alcohol treatment services to adults. For the duration of programming, clients are in beautiful housing that provides a nurturing environment that promotes personal well-being and recovery.

Dual Diagnosis

Mental health issues or “Co-occurring Disorders” are commonly associated with Substance Abuse and Addiction. Peaks Recovery is a complete Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment Facility so recovery can encompass the individual as a whole.


Peaks Recovery Centers exclusive approach to inpatient treatment empowers men and women to leave drugs and alcohol behind them. Whether you are looking for alcohol rehab, drug rehab, our rehab program helps individuals learn and invest in new life practices, therefore they can restore and reclaim their lives.

If you are interested in Peaks Recovery Centers for yourself or a loved one, please don’t hesitate to call or fill out our form today.

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