Spiking – Tips to Stay Safe

Drink spiking is a very serious issue. If you want to try and protect yourself against drink spiking or if you want to increase your awareness, then this is the guide for you.

What is Drink Spiking?

Drink spiking is always done deliberately. Many people think that spiking involves putting some drugs into an alcoholic drink, but this is not the case. It may be that alcohol is added to a non-alcoholic drink, or that more alcohol is added to an existing alcoholic beverage. Either way, you need to try and stay safe by understanding how to prevent drink spiking.

How to Prevent Drink Spiking

If you want to stop drink spiking, then you need to make sure that your party safely. Only ever go out with existing friends and also watch out for each other when you are out. It is also important that you buy your own drinks and that you also watch the bartender make your drink. Never accept a drink from a stranger, and don’t drink anything you think may have been spiked. Of course, making sure that your friends follow the same rule is also important. One last thing for you to look out for is a stranger bringing you a drink and it is not the type of drink you requested.

Signs that your Drink has been Spiked

You may not know that your drink’s been spiked until it is too late. You may also not realize that your drink’s been spiked by someone, by tasting it or smelling it. Substances that are used to spike alcoholic drinks are often both colorless and odorless. Some of the signs that you have been spiked include:

·        Feeling more intoxicated than you should be

·        Mental confusion

·        Memory loss

·        Nausea

·        Vomiting

·        Speech issues

·        Muscle spasms

·        Loss of consciousness

·        A hangover that is unusually long

A severe hangover when you’ve had very little to no alcohol

What to do If You Suspect You’ve Been Spiked

There are a few things that you can do if you suspect that you have been spiked. The first thing that you need to do is alert someone you trust. This could include a staff member or a friend. You then need to go to a safe place with that person with you. It may be that you need to call an ambulance if you feel yourself getting worse. Asking a friend to call the police should also be a priority if you suspect that you or someone you know has been spiked.

The Law Regarding Drink Spiking

If you look at the Sexual Offences Act of 2003, you will see that it is a criminal offense to give someone a substance with the intent to overpower them for sexual activity. This offense can be punished by up to a decade in prison. This also means that slipping something into someone’s drink, even if they do not consume the drink, is an offense too. Needle spiking is also a physical assault, and punishable by a similar amount of time in prison.