Summer Celebrations Without Alcohol

So many people who are undergoing the recovery process of addiction to alcohol can find it difficult to maintain sobriety during the summer months. There are a number of triggers for recovering alcoholics and summer events can be one of them. They are more laid-back and alcohol can seem to be an expected component of it. But while some people believe they can only enjoy the summer if they’ve got an alcoholic drink in their hands, this doesn’t mean it’s the only way to have fun. There are numerous alcohol-free activities that you can do, including the following:

A Sober Vacation

There are many companies that specialize in providing alcohol-free alternatives to a vacation. For example, We Love Lucid and Travel Sober are two organizations that help people have alcohol-free fun and help recovering alcoholics connect to similar-minded people. 

Local Concerts or Events

While traditional music festivals may seem like a place for people to consume alcohol in abundance, there are many community concerts and gatherings in public parks and town squares that are family-friendly, providing an excellent opportunity to spend time with loved ones in a less pressurized setting. 

Plan Your Own Fun

There are endless opportunities for you to enjoy the summer without alcohol. You can find people who share the same mindset as you and participate in some of the following practices:

  • Take local walks. 
  • Participating in the community
  • Spending time in your local church. 
  • Scheduling a class or spa day.


Working as a volunteer can be a great way for you to continue your recovery while helping others. For many people who are in the process of recovery from addiction, directly working with others undergoing their own recovery journey can bring you a number of benefits. You get the fulfillment of helping someone else with their own journey by offering your input, but you can also gain insight into how you can best improve your recovery journey.

Getting Support

The fact is that when we are on any stage of our recovery journey, we’ve got to be aware that there will be certain triggers that can present themselves. When you are recovering from an addiction to alcohol, you can still go to places where there are people consuming alcohol, but you have to focus on maintaining your sobriety as a priority. This means that you need to inform others who are with you that it is going to be your focus. 

In these situations, it’s a good idea to have someone with you who may also abstain from alcohol, but also understands your sobriety. In these situations, you may want to bring your own drinks so you can control what you are drinking. Some people can benefit from alcohol-free alternatives, but it’s important to be aware if this is a potential trigger for you as well. If you feel unsure about attending an activity where drinking takes place, you may wish to make alternative plans. 

It is completely possible to enjoy summer celebrations without alcohol, but if you ever need any additional support, you can reach out to Peaks Recovery to give you some insight and a helping hand.