Marijuana Paraphernalia

While it can be used safely for medicinal and recreational purposes, marijuana remains one of the most common substances to cause users to develop problematic habits. If you feel that a loved one has a marijuana addiction or use disorder, a deeper understanding of the drug and marijuana paraphernalia will be key. This quick guide will help.

Quick stats about marijuana

Many people downplay the negative impacts of cannabis. The following marijuana stats underline its potential, and why it needs attention;

When added to the fact that studies have shown links to mental health issues like paranoia and psychosis as well as physical damage through cancer-causing chemicals, loved ones need to know about marijuana paraphernalia and more.

The forms of marijuana explained

Like many drugs, marijuana is known by many names and available in many forms – not least due to the changing legislation for both medicinal and personal use in recent years. 

Some of the most common street names for marijuana include, but are not limited to; bud, weed, chronic, ganja, green, grass, hash, hemp, and Mary Jane. However, there are many others in circulation. The psychoactive drug includes cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Its most common forms are detailed below:

  • Traditional buds and plants – Marijuana buds are the flowers and consumable part of the cannabis plant. The dried plant is ready to smoke and is one of the most common forms of weed that you will see.
  • Marijuana concentrates – Also known as extracts, concentrates are highly potent solutions that can contain THC levels of over 90%. They can be made into many other products and be found in small lip-balm-sized containers.
  • Hash – usually characterized as brown or black in color, hash is made from the resin of the cannabis plant. It can be hard or soft but has become less common as the popularity of other forms falls.
  • Shatter – shatter is an e-liquid that can be used as a vape. It is created through an extraction process that is completed using butane. A dab is relatively similar, although the form is solid rather than an e-liquid.
  • Oil – marijuana oil, is a honey-colored oil that has a sticky texture. It is not the same as CBD cannabis oil. However, the oil can be used in multiple ways as a form of synthetic marijuana.
  • Edibles – the market for edibles has grown at a rapid rate in alignment with the changing legislation. Edibles include everything from gummies to chocolate bars, dried fruits, and energy drinks.
  • Wax – marijuana wax is designed to be smoked. It is also known as weed wax and is one of the strongest concentrates on the market. People use it for medicinal and recreational purposes.

Depending on the form, marijuana can be smoked, consumed, or used as topicals or oils in the home.

The industry is booming with virtually half of all American adults trying marijuana as laws and opinions evolve. While many will not develop signs of addiction, thousands will. As accessibility and versatility have increased, the dangers for anyone who becomes dependent on marijuana are huge.

A look at marijuana paraphernalia

As the landscape of marijuana ales has changed, new paraphernalia has entered the $61 billion industry. The most relevant terms are detailed below:

Marijuana joints, spliffs, and blunts

A marijuana joint, also known as a spliff or a doobie, is the most commonly known way of using cannabis. It is a rolled cannabis cigarette that includes tobacco and marijuana. It could be made using tobacco from a pouch or from a cigarette while the rolling papers may be made from a variety of materials.

Marijuana blunts are similar, except they are cannabis cigars rather than cigarettes. Marijuana is added to a hollowed-out cigar while a tobacco leaf is used as the wrap

Marijuana pipe, pieces, and bowls

Marijuana is also commonly smoked through a pipe that has been crafted for this purpose. The handheld device is also known as a marijuana piece and they have been used for thousands of years. The marijuana is packed into the pipe and then smoked. When inhaling, users will cover the hole on the side of the piece to get a better hit.

The bowl is a chamber used to hold the marijuana and may carry a design for esthetic appeal. This type of paraphernalia is also used with bongs.

Marijuana bubbler, marijuana bongs

Marijuana bongs are another piece of paraphernalia that most people know about. The apparatus allows users to smoke cannabis in a slightly different way. They include a bowl, water chamber, stem, and mouthpiece. The flower is placed in the bowl and subsequently ignited before the user inhales the smoke through the mouthpiece.

Bongs often carry fun designs to further enhance the experience. A bubbler is very similar, except it is more compact and uses a fixed bowl rather than a removable one.

Additional marijuana accessories

There is a wide collection of additional marijuana paraphernalia that may be used by a user. Firstly, a marijuana grinder is used to break up the cannabis flower into smaller pieces while a vaporizer is a heating device that can be used for herb or concentrate. Marijuana vape pens are very similar to a normal vape or e-cigarette but designed for cannabis smoking.

Marijuana dabbing is the process of using marijuana oil. A dab rig is a specialized glass pipe chamber used with a quartz nail to facilitate this type of cannabis use. 

Marijuana abuse treatment at Peaks Recovery

Some people assume that marijuana use disorders aren’t as dangerous as other forms of drug addiction. In reality, marijuana misuse can still cause devastation to the individual and their surrounding loved ones. Early intervention and treatment are essential for overcoming the problems forever.

If you are worried that your marijuana usage has spiraled out of control or a loved one has become addicted, now is the time to act. Peaks Recovery Center provides fully tailored treatment plans including detoxification and ongoing strategies. Contact us today to speak to one of our admissions specialists.