Episode 46

Depression, Neuroplasticity, and Medication Progression

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In this episode we are joined by Dr. Ashley Johnson, DO to discuss depression and the progression of modern treatment.

Talking Points

  1. Explaining current terms related to modern science such as neuroplasticity and neuromodulation. 
  2. Discussing what has changed in modern treatment for depression and the exciting effects of newer methods.
  3. A mini neuroscience lesson explaining how depression damages neurons and how to help them heal with treatment for depression.


“If you take a thick rope and rub something rough back and forth on it, you’ll see that the fibers start fraying. Those frayed fibers on this rope really represent what your neurons can look like when you have suffered from an untreated mental health condition for quite some time. When they [mental health disorders] go untreated, they actually are assaulting the brain in different areas.”
-Dr. Ashley Johnson, DO

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