Episode 30

What is Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)?

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Episode 30

Our medical team guides us through the meaning of MAT within addiction treatment and how the intricate aspects can provide hope and stability for those struggling with substance abuse.


  • What is MAT?
  • What is happening in the brain with addiction cravings, and where MAT can aid in rebuilding a normal behavior type.
  • The stigma attached to MAT, and how the shift from abstinence to Harm Reduction is effective in addiction treatment
  • How MAT cultivates hope and stability
  • What creates an effective MAT program?
  • The types of medications used within Peaks Recovery Centers MAT program
  • How long is an individual enrolled in a MAT program 

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I’m thinking back to 2 years ago when I came on board and we opened the detox facility, and our model of care was very abstinence-based at the time. We would have a client that comes in maybe with an opioid use disorder, they’d do their 7 days of detox on suboxone and are thinking at the time that they are done with their taper, now let’s begin their other medications and dive in with therapy. And what we were seeing over time is more post-acute withdrawal symptoms. When they were discharged out of our care, the rates of relapse were higher because those cravings were still so high throughout the treatment stay. So now integrating MAT we are able to control those cravings and follow them through their MAT treatment and adjust the doses based on cravings. The client also now has the opportunity to meet with our provider and talk about where they are at in their treatment and adjust as necessary. And now furthermore opening our IOP program, we are able to continue that MAT treatment through IOP which gives us more time to find quality resources within the community so that they can continue on this MAT treatment program for as long as they need. So we have seen such a turnaround going from an abstinence-based to more of a harm reduction model just because we did research within our own facility.
Kalli Kintz, BSN, RN, Director of Nursing

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