Episode 25

Holistic Care: What Does It Truly Mean?

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Episode 25

Our team depicts what ‘holistic care’ can mean within addiction treatment, and how treating the whole person effectively truly requires much more than a holistic approach


What is holistic care, and how has the industry has shifted into what treating the whole person truly means

If that is something you are interested in for a treatment center, make sure to ask what holistic treatment truly means to them as a program.

Holistic care and what that can mean within Peaks Recovery services

What holistic care can be mistaken for

Holistic care vs. the medical field

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I would ask families to challenge programs that say they are ‘holistic’, and to ask a program to define what that means. Food labels can say ‘all natural’, but it might be full of sugar, but it’s natural sugar, so it’s all-natural. Well saying it’s all-natural doesn’t necessarily mean it’s healthy. So saying something is holistic doesn’t necessarily mean that the treatment is quality treatment. That’s what we are referring to as well, there isn’t a generally agreed-upon definition of what holistic care is, therefore it’s really easy to drop it on a website and say we offer holistic care, well okay, how? And in what way?
Jason Friesema, MA, LPC, LAC

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