Episode 24

Insights Into Family Recovery

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Episode 24

A very special guest, Lisa Smith, opens up about her enlightenment towards becoming a Certified Family Recovery Coach, and how she is now helping families fight addiction together.


Lisa opens up about why she shifted into a completely new career, helping those families struggling with addiction.

Lisa compares the two different approaches she has experienced while walking through having a son who was in active addiction; the one before learning how to manage this hard situation, and one after.

How she overcame the fear

Lisa gives her insight into connection, relationships, and kindness and how these concepts are intertwined with recovery.

Lisa explains the Family Recovery curriculum she has developed

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You’ve got to be able to separate the behavior from the person. It requires you to not take the behavior personally when the behavior starts to happen that you wish didn’t happen. This concept really helps to get to a place where you aren’t being led by fear. It’s not something that is easy, and it certainly isn’t something that comes naturally as a parent, but allowing them to walk their path and establishing the connection, communication, and kindness helps the family to get to a place where the individual understands your intentions.
Lisa Smith, BA, MME, CCAR
Certified Family Recovery Coach

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