Episode 18

Trauma Treatment – Medical vs. Behavioral

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Episode 18

 We discuss both similarities and differences between medical and clinical trauma approaches within addiction treatment.


What happened when both medical and behavioral treatment joined and the patterns that started to emerge.
The relationship between the physiological and the psychological effects of trauma
The direction of medical to clinical
Why building resilience in early recovery is so important

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In stabilization and in this early recovery process we have to take the time to empower, encourage, and guide them to build resilience so they can do that deeper work. Or we relegate them to simply giving up. How many people go to the gym in January and do this big workout and are so sore that they never go back. That’s exactly the risk we run by going too quickly before clients build enough resilience to tolerate that deeper work, that is why we don’t do it at the beginning.
Alan Cook, MA, LPC, LAC

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