Episode 11

Peaks Alumni Special Guest

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Episode 11

Alumni of Peaks Recovery, Matthew M opens up about his early recovery journey all while COVID-19 was just underway in the United States.


  • Matt talks about his life before deciding to go into recovery, and how his perspective of recovery changed within a few hours of being at Peaks
  • Matt talks about his whole journey through Peaks RecoveryExploring the deep relationship between trauma and shame
  • Matt has now joined the Peaks Recovery Team as a Peer Recovery Coach 

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Going through Peaks as a client I became part of a family. Now being on the other side, I am an active member of that family. Hopefully what I can do is reciprocate what I was given while at Peaks; that same care, that same attention, that same love, and same hope I was given, to other people now. So I get to participate now and that is the coolest part about this all. 
Matt M, Peaks Recovery Alumni and now Peer Recovery Coach

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