9 Benefits of Alcohol Treatment

Responsible for over 3 million deaths each year and afflicting over 15 million people in the US, Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) represents a severe epidemic. Of those who are dealing with the consequences of this chronic disease, only a small percentage seek help – often believing that they don’t need help or that it is something that will get better by itself. 

However, if you have noticed any of the telltale signs that your relationship with alcohol has become complicated and it is not impacting other areas of your life, you should seek professional alcohol treatment. Here are just a few of the benefits of this choice

A Safe Environment To Heal

Studies have confirmed how powerful the impact of environmental factors is on our ability to heal. Investing in a professional alcohol treatment means that you will be able to benefit from state-of-the-art facilities, peaceful areas for relaxation and contemplation, and plenty of social activities to keep your body and mind healthy. Inpatient treatment facilities also help you stay away from those places and people that can trigger relapses, allowing you to regain hold of your life.

Medically Supervised Detox

The first days after your decision to treat your alcohol addiction are critical. After you stop drinking, it is likely for your body to display signs of withdrawals, which can come with life-threatening symptoms and high chances of relapses. A Medical Detox (or Medically Supervised Detox) can help to manage withdrawal symptoms and live this critical time with serenity and minimal pain.

Learn About Mental Health in Connection to Addiction

Substance or alcohol abuse is directly linked to our mental well-being – and vice-versa. The relationship between the two is referred to as Dual Diagnosis. When undergoing alcohol treatment, it is essential that you do so at a center that provides Dual Diagnosis. Thanks to this kind of treatment, your healthcare provider will be able to identify and address underlying psychological and emotional issues that might be making your alcohol addiction worse. 

Individualized Treatment Program

No two alcohol use disorder cases are exactly the same. In fact, since it derives from a variety of reasons, addiction can appear in many forms and have many consequences. When it comes down to finding the right treatment for your needs, it is essential to understand that there is no “one-size-fits-all” formula that can be used. 

Professional alcohol treatment programs will employ a mix of strategies to address your specific case, including inpatient and outpatient programs, medical detox, group activities, and aftercare programs

Holistic Healing

An alcohol treatment program will not uniquely look at your addiction when trying to find a solution for it. Thanks to a complete team of physicians, psychiatrists, clinicians, and nurses ready to tend to your needs around the clock, all aspects of your health will be looked after. During a tailored alcohol treatment program, you will join group activities, 1:1 sessions with specialized counselors, and moments of relaxation that can help you regain your mental and physical health through inpatient programs that provide holistic healing.

Coping Strategies

An inpatient alcohol treatment program can last anywhere between 30 and 90 days. However, your motivation to fight cravings must remain strong for years to come. Undergoing professional treatment also equips you with the tools and skills you will need in the next months to fight cravings, increase your chance of recovery, and make your transition into sober living much easier.

Peer Support and Finding Community

With just under 15 million people struggling with AUD, this disease is all but rare. When trying to fight cravings or recovering from your addiction, the existing supportive community that is already present out there can be extremely helpful. As you join your alcohol treatment journey, you will learn to value the experience of others – and you will be introduced to a community of successful people who will be there to support you throughout the next steps.

Family Support

Rarely an addiction affects a single person. Usually, if you are struggling with AUD, you will notice catastrophic consequences within your personal and professional relationships. When undergoing professional alcohol treatment, through their family program, this aspect is not overlooked. During your recovery program, you and your family will work together to rebuild your bond and establish healthy boundaries. 

Continuing Care

AUD is a chronic disease, not dissimilar to substance abuse or diabetes. Thanks to modern treatment programs, recovery programs from alcohol addiction now can have much higher success rates. Nonetheless, relapses can happen! Thanks to continuing care (such as IOP, outpatient therapy, sober living, or AA meetings) and regular meetings with healthcare professionals, you can keep up with your goals and avoid pitfalls.

Discover More Benefits at Peaks Recovery

Fighting an alcohol addiction by yourself can be extremely difficult. Trusting a professional alcohol provider can help you find a safe environment where you can heal, a team of professionals by your side, and tested strategies to leave your addiction behind. At the Peaks Recovery Centers, we use a holistic, comprehensive approach to promote physical, emotional, and social healing – start your recovery journey today.