Winter Symposium Conference 2016

Both Triple Peaks Recovery and Serenity Peaks Recovery are delighted to not only be particpating exhibitors at this years Winter Symposium Conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado, but both programs are alsoproud educational sponsors of the event. We are adamant about continuing education within the field and, also, like all conferences, we are interested in meeting new faces and hearing their fresh perspectives, motivations, and business solutions for helping young adults stay sober.

If you are attending the conference, please drop by Booth #49 and say, “Hello”! We look forward to seeing you there.

The purpose of the 42nd Annual Winter Symposium includes improving health professional attendee’s evidence-based diagnostic/assessment, treatment, knowledge and practice skills specific to reducing and/or eliminating health care provider care gaps and facilitating integrative care related to a broad spectrum of addictive disorders, behavioral health and mental health disorders. Attendees completing the full Symposium will be able to identify 5 or more evidenced-based diagnostic/assessment measures, treatment interventions, practice gap reduction measures and integrative care interventions including psychotherapies, psychosocial treatments, medical and psychotropic care, self-help care and adjunctive care interventions for persons manifesting a broad spectrum of disorders and conditions included in this educational program.

For more information and the conference daily schedule please visit

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