Opioid Detox

Safely Detox from Opioids With Medical Professionals

Peaks Recovery’s comfortable and private opioid detox is located in Colorado Springs, CO. Our program includes full-time medical staff, doctors, and 24/7 nurses and PAs to create the safest and most comfortable detox and treatment.

Types of Opioids Can Include:

heroin, morphine, methadone, codeine, fentanyl, hydrocodone, meperidine, oxycodone

Can You Quit Opioids Cold Turkey?

Suddenly stopping opioid use is not recommended. It can cause the onset of very severe withdrawal symptoms. Those who try to taper off these types of drugs seldomly succeed. Relapsing during withdrawal is one of the causes of overdose. It is vital to experience withdrawal in a medically assisted opioid detox where it is safe.

quit cold turkey
range of substances

Detoxing Off Opioids

What Sets Our Opioid Detox Apart?

Licensed Therapists Dedicated to Providing Detox Support

Detox can often be the most challenging part of recovery. Therefore we have some of our best therapists providing psychological and emotional support throughout this difficult time.

Professional Medical Care In Our New Trailhead Facility

Unlike detoxification in a hospital surrounded by bright lights and white walls, our medical detox environment of care is provided in our brand-new Trailhead facility located on our 11-acre Colorado Springs Campus. It provides a relaxing & comfortable environment and caters to decreased stimuli.

A Smooth & Guided Transition Into Our Residential Program

Before leaving our medical detox, our nursing and detox therapists help prepare you for what to expect when transitioning into our residential and inpatient rehab program.

Our Safe & Comfortable Detox is a Crucial Starting Point

We know choosing to detox can feel both fulfilling and daunting. Let us provide you with the care you deserve.

*All calls and forms are 100% confidential and HIPAA compliant

dr ryan home

Dr. Ryan Johnson, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Trusted Medical Detox Providers

Peaks Recovery has a medical staff unmatched by most other addiction treatment centers across Colorado. Having a Chief Medical Officer on-site allows our program to nurture physiological and mental health symptoms associated with drug and alcohol detox. We can also address more medically acute conditions that would otherwise require an emergency room visit allowing for minimal disruption as you or your loved one get well and recover from drug and alcohol abuse.

A Skilled & Qualified Medical Detox

Our medical team will help with withdrawals’ physical, emotional, and mental taxing process. Peaks Recovery provides safe and evidence-based detox methods to get you through opioid detox.

More Benefits to Our Opioid Detox

24/7 Nursing
A psychiatrist on staff
A medical doctor with over 15 years of emergency room experience
A team built of BH, ER, and ICU nurses to form a diverse medical team to fit any client’s needs
A seamless on-site detox process
Integration of supplements/vitamins for essential nutrients to support physiological wellness
Open door policy for any client questions
Our unique Model of Care
benefits to our medical detox

Peaks Recovery Can Help You Today

You don’t have to do this alone. Our admissions team is ready to help guide you through the recovery process.

*All calls and forms are 100% confidential and HIPAA compliant

personal detox plan

A Personalized Opioid Detox Plan

There is no one-size-fits-all detox plan, even for individuals who have abused the same substances. Within the first stages of our medical detox center in Colorado, we prepare a personalized opioid detox plan influenced by the following:

Physical health
Mental health
The substance(s) consumed
The length of substance use
How often the substance(s) have been used
And more

Our Restorative Opioid Detox Setting

Our newly built Trailhead Facility setting helps soothe withdrawals, provides psychological wellness, and makes the detox process less complicated when transitioning into our residential programming located on the same Colorado Springs Campus.

our detox facility

Stages Of Opioid Detox

At Peaks Recovery, our medical detox stages can look like this:


Our dedicated team will walk you through our seamless medical evaluation to personalize your detox experience, ensure maximum comfort, and support any withdrawal symptoms.


Our 24/7 staffed detox environment continuously monitors your neurological, physical, and mental status throughout your stay to ensure you have the proper well-being to take the next step in recovery.


While detoxification is an important step, it is only the first. Our team supports you in the next step of your recovery plan, whether in our inpatient program or somewhere else that appropriately fits your needs.

What Happens After Opioid Detox?

Detoxing from opioids is the first step toward recovery. However, the longer a person distances themselves from their last use, the greater chance of recovery. At Peaks Recovery Centers, the next step in our recovery process is transitioning into our inpatient residential rehab.

Our Residential Rehab Program Highlights

Gender separate houses & programming
Dual diagnosis within integrated environment
Provides family healing with our included Family Program
Dedicated case managers to prepare your aftercare plan
And more
rehab after detox