Instructions For UHC Carriers

Follow These 3 Easy Steps

Call United Healthcare at
(800) 557-5745

Either the subscriber or the dependent can make this call to United Healthcare.

Once connected,
tell the rep. exactly this…

“I am giving permission for Peaks Recovery Centers to verify out of network benefits for __________ (name of the person in need of treatment).

Write down reps
name and reference #

Make sure to take note of these two things, therefore you can easily enter this information into the form below..

You’re Almost There!

Please fill out the form below, adding in the information you just collected from phone call with United.

Verify Insurance - UHC

Form to verify United Health Care Insurance
  • Contact Information

    Who should we contact after verification?
  • Insurance Information

  • By submitting this form, I agree to be contacted by Peaks Recovery Centers. Our admissions director will contact you shortly to discuss your recovery options. All information shared with us is completely confidential. See our HIPAA Privacy Policy.