Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews & Testimonials

Peaks Recovery Centers is located in Colorado Springs. We offer our addiction treatment programs to people across the Front Range and nationwide. See what our alumni have to say about working on their recovery with our team.

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Jeremy C.

My experience at Peaks Recovery Center was fantastic! I finished the 30-day program and came out knowing myself a lot better than I did before. Addiction is a symptom of my problems and Peaks helped me find out where those problems were rooted in. The therapy team was absolutely incredible. The housing team was accommodating. The chef is on point with every meal. Couldn’t have gone to a better treatment facility. If you are looking for an organic and real recovery Peaks is what you are looking for. Pick up that million-pound phone.


Koi M.

I’m very grateful for Peaks Recovery and their entire staff. The house managers were very helpful and caring, their entire clinical staff is amazing, and the owners are very personable and make themselves available to the clients. They helped me figure out how to deal with life, teaching me tools that I still use today, helping combat my addiction. I would highly recommend Peaks Recovery to anyone who is in need of help dealing with addiction.


Adam H.

Comprehensive rehabilitation center that provides millions of different tools to get and stay sober. From diet all the way to outpatient therapy. It’s obvious that they truly hope all of their clients can make the most of their time there and find recovery. Success or failure in staying sober always comes down to the individual. I am 3.5 years sober and have many friends that aren’t shy about saying Peaks saved their lives. Peaks provides a diverse range of tools and methods to get and stay sober.


Silven W.

I was a client at peaks in 2017 for a crippling meth, heroin, suboxone, and alcohol dependency. I went to 7 other rehabs in 8 years. I could not stop. I was homeless and spiritually bankrupt and only 25 years old. This program had something to show me that 7 others could not. Thing is, they actually cared about me as an individual. We tackled a lot of my trauma and they showed me structure. I was the worst of the worst, truly. I initially got 10 months of recovery. I relapsed and while they were willing to take me in again. Fortunately, they already showed me the tools and programs i needed to use so i did not have to go back. I had the skills they already gave me at one time. I know that i’ll have 2 years of full on actual recovery in 2 weeks because of peaks. I am so blessed. I cant fully describe my gratitude for this place. My life looks nothing like it once did. Thank you PRC!!!!


Spencer L.

I was a client at peaks and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I was there for a little bit over 90 days and truly enjoyed my time. I made some great friends and lasting bonds with some. My therapist was truly helpful in moving me along with my addiction and mental health work. Because of peaks, I chose to stay in Colorado Springs and make a life for myself. As I write this I am almost 11 months sober. Partly thanks to peaks.


Carsten C.

Peaks Recovery is a fantastic recovery facility. The attention provided to clients by all staff (medical, therapist, CCAs, housing, executive leadership, etc.) gives the client and their family the confidence that they really care. A lot of the staff have first hand experience with addiction which makes their input incredibly valuable for those that really seek to recover and are willing to get the most out of the program. I wish I could say I will come back, but that is not the purpose 😊. I made friends for life there and found an incredible support system for the path of my recovery. I am grateful every day for having had the opportunity to get the -in my opinion- best treatment available.


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Jon A.

Peaks Recovery helped me turn my life around. I am so grateful to the staff and all of my peers. I would 100% recommend Peaks to anyone who is struggling with addiction. Peaks gave me the start I needed to get on the road to a healthy and happy Recovery life. I don’t want to think about where I would be now had I not gone to Peaks. Thank you!


Megan M.

My brothers life was saved by the individuals who cared for him in his most vulnerable of times. I can’t thank you enough!!!


Lars S.

Peaks Recovery help save my life. It’s a debt I’ll never fully repay. Awesome staff that genuinely cares about every single clients well being and individual needs.


Scott K.

A great, well-rounded program that I consistently recommend to people seeking quality transitional care. It is operated by a group of amazing and talented professionals, and what really shines through is the fact that they genuinely care about all their clients. It is always refreshing to see a program that is operated with ethics, integrity, and heart… Keep up the good work!


Chris W.

Made my first trip to Peaks to see my son… what WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE!. You people really know how to make a parent know their child is in good hands… THANK YOU


Matt. B

New relationships, exclusive activities, and solid vibes all around. If you’re willing to go on the journey, give your heart to it, if not, who knows, this place might make you willing like I’ve seen it do for others. My experience there was one to remember. Looking forward to being part of the team.

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Peaks Recovery Alumni

“The thing that was different is Peaks did not make me feel like a number.”
Jake N – PRC Alumni