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Peaks Recovery Centers mission is to save lives, and our mission is to disrupt our industry through quality of care. We are grounded in continuously building and innovating our program to provide individuals with the care needed to fulfill long-lasting recovery. We also are on a mission to create change, educate families, and shine a light on the behavioral health industry through our own talk show, “Finding Peaks” – and we can’t do it alone. When you partner with Peaks Recovery, we expand our impact to ensure all people and communities have access to necessary knowledge about addiction treatment and mental health topics.

Why Partner with Peaks Recovery

We are committed to strategically engaging influencers and partners who share our devotion to empowering individuals/families through unique treatment knowledge resources all while advancing substance use and mental health service quality of care.


Peaks Recovery is 1 of 2 addiction service centers in the state of Colorado collecting treatment outcome data, while they are in treatment as well as post-program completion, to ensure the quality of care. We are dedicated to driving innovation, positive change, and constantly improving our services.


Peaks Recovery is one of the most respected and well-known treatment providers in Colorado, with exceptional reviews and recommendations across all platforms.


We know the behavioral health industry as a whole has exponential room for improvement, which means those challenges are also our responsibility to overcome and change; within the industry and our own program. We can do better, and we must do better, together.


Over the 7 years of Peaks Recovery’s doors being open, we have experienced consistent growth each year, allowing us to play an integral part in the evolution of addiction and mental health treatment.

Our Partners Strengthen Our Impact

Cross Platform, Reach and Scale

We are grateful to the generous partners that support our mission. Together we can amplify the content across digital, audio, and social platforms – giving everyone accessible knowledge.

Ways to Parter with Peaks

Be a guest on our Talk Show – Finding Peaks
Podcasts – Spotify, Apple Music
Custom Content – we create custom video content with Partnership
Social – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn
Digital + Mobile – YouTube

Partner Strategies

Our goals are concise, but with strong strategies, together we can expand the resources and knowledge to those in need.

Rethink Complex Issues

Joanna Conti, Founder of VistaReseach and Conquer Addiction, was a special guest on our show regarding why it is so important for addiction service centers to collect treatment outcome data in order to truly impact recovery success rates.

Gain New Insights

We discuss the complexities of boundaries and how establishing them within the recovery process is pivotal for yourself and your loved one.

Share a New Mission

A very special guest, Lisa Smith, opens up about her enlightenment towards becoming a Certified Family Recovery Coach, and how she is now helping families fight addiction together.

Discover Compelling Stories

A very special guest, Angela L, bravely shares her inspiring recovery story in order to give hope to others who struggle with addiction.

How to Partner with Peaks Recovery

If we haven’t already reached out to you, we are always seeking partners with like-minded values and goals to strengthen resources, knowledge, and quality of care within mental health and addiction treatment. We welcome the opportunity to talk about how we can work together to make a real and lasting impact!

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