Motivational Interviewing

What Is Motivational Interviewing?

Motivational Interviewing is a psychotherapeutic approach that helps individuals resolve doubtfulness, insecurities, and indecisiveness, by replacing it with motivation to change their behavior. The clinician encourages patients to discuss their need for change and reasons for change and the clinician then reflects back the patient’s reasoning and motivation for change so that the patient can hear the appropriateness of their reasoning. MI is more goal-focused and strives to overcome ambivalence. MI therapy is an established evidence-based therapy in the treatment of those with substance abuse disorders.

How Motivational Interviewing Works

MI helps individuals who lack the willpower to deal with change. The two sides of MI is first, increase and re-establish one’s motivation into themselves. Next is to make a full commitment to the change, which has been proven to help people actually make those changes. Therapists do not force change, but rather having an individual accept their thoughts and feelings in order to motivate self-change.

1. Express Empathy

Listen rather than speak; communicate with respect and acceptance.

2. Avoid Argumentation

Avoid confronting denial; encouragement towards making change.

3. Roll With Resistance

Divert client towards positive change.

4. Develop Discrepancy

Promote awareness of consequences of ongoing use; important goals conflict with behavior.

Support Self-Efficacy

Encourage the client to grow capacity to reach goals; elicit and support hope.

How Can We Help

Drug & Alcohol Detox

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IOP Treatment

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