Our Model Of Care

A BioPsychoSocial Model of Care Within an Integrated Environment

We know that is a lot to digest, so below, we break it down into two parts – what does biopsychosocial mean, and what does integrated environment mean?

What does a Biopsychosocial Model of Care mean?

The Biopsychosocial model is a combination of 3 essential models –

The Medical Model
The Psychological Model
The Sociocultural Model

Each model is essential when treating an individual suffering from substance use or mental health disorders. All three models must be considered to better account for all factors influencing a person’s well-being. Helping individuals with only one or two of these models in mind creates a disservice. All three are needed to achieve recovery and healing truly. This is where the verbiage “treating the whole person” stems from.

The displayed graphic depicts a simplified overview of how all these factors work together. It can become a complex web with many connections or disconnections across different areas.

biopsychosocial model

What Does an Integrative Environment Mean?

An integrated environment is a high degree of communication and collaboration among a diverse group of healthcare professionals on the same team and within the exact treatment location.

What Makes This Environment Unique?

What makes an integrative environment so unique is the sharing of information among all the team members related to the client’s care, working under one individualized and comprehensive treatment plan to address the individual’s biological, psychological, and social needs.

Our healthcare team includes a diverse group of members such as physicians, psychiatrists, physician assistants, nurses, licensed addiction therapists, licensed mental health therapists, case managers, family specialists, peer recovery coaches, residential directors, and more.

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Our 5 Dimensions of Recovery

Alongside our Model of Care, we wanted our treatment philosophy to reflect our genuine care for the overall health of our clients. We believe proper and successful recovery is composed of these 5 dimensions.


Symptoms of medications in conjunction with cognitive, behavioral and talk therapies to reduce symptom severity


Hope, responsibility,
self-direction, empowerment


Everyday life components such as employment, housing, education


Improvements to physical health and well-being from physical fitness, mindfulness training, and improvement to diet and sleep


Personal connections with family, friends, and significant others

Putting it All Together

We took diligent time and effort to put forth our Model of Care and how we continuously improve our treatment services and outcomes. Our Biopsychosocial Model of Care within an Integrated Environment is the best approach to treating individuals with substance use disorders, co-occurring disorders, and mental health disorders.

We are hopeful we provided you the knowledge and insight needed to best understand Peaks Recovery’s Model of Care.

putting it all together

Source: Whitley, R. & Drake, R.E (2010). Recovery: A Dimensional Approach. Journal of Psychiatric Services.

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