Episode 90

Clinical Approach: Inner Child Work

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In this episode, Jason Friesema, Chief Clinical Officer, brings on both of our Clinical Directors, Kate Nelson and Lauren Atencio, for a clinically heavy episode speaking on internal family systems and the use of inner child work. Utilizing the clinical firepower in this episode, our team dives into why this approach is effective in the treatment and reveals on the back end how this approach can shape growth and transformation.

Talking Points

  1. What does inner child work look like at Peaks
  2. Exploring different “parts” of yourself
  3. Regression as protection
  4. The youthful perception of the world
  5. Why is this approach useful
  6. Avoiding placing blame
  7. Transformation and acceptance


“I notice so much with clients; they push their inner child away. Like, ‘I want to protect you so much from this hurt that I’m going to put you in the corner,’ but all that does is tell that inner child again that they’re not good enough. They can’t handle things. So being able to give that voice of, ‘hey, you can be emotional in this space because I will protect you.’ ”
– Lauren Atencio, Clinical Director

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