Episode 8

Navigating Harm Reduction

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Episode 8

We dive deeper into what the Harm Reduction Principal may look like in a real life example, as well as why this new emerging model can a hard topic to navigate. 

**And for our viewers, plus note, that as Peaks Recovery continues to endeavor down sensitive subjects, we want to caution our viewers that our goal for these conversations is to only bring deeper insights into addiction treatment topics that may seem new, complex, misunderstood, or even frustrating. But we believe that as our industry grows to understand how to better treat addiction, not only do we want to provide better understanding around it, but it is also our duty to appropriately grow along aside it in order to arrive at better outcomes for the individual, and for the family systems that are suffering through this process. 


  • Brandon asks what their thoughts are on The Big Book and what contrasts can we take from it as we move towards a better understanding of what addiction is.
  • How we believe the addiction industry is still in its infancy and early on in the process of truly understanding addiction. 
  • Responsibility and sustainability concepts within Harm Reduction

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There are no two addictions that are the same, so there is no one equation that you can just plug an addict into and expect only positive outcomes. So we get into this more open and understanding world where different intervention strategies are geared towards improving the overall wellness and quality of life for the individual rather than focusing on these hard definitions of what it means to be in recovery or what it means to be sober.
Clinton Nicholson, MA, LPC, NCC – Chief Operations Officer

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