Episode 7

Introduction To Harm Reduction

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Episode 7

We begin to open up some delicate topics around different treatment approaches such as Abstinence, versus newer principles that are emerging within recovery, called Harm Reduction.


  • We discuss a bit of history and background into where “The Big Book” and “AA” came from
  • We explain what the Harm Reduction Model is vs. what the Abstinence Model looks like
  • Though the Harm Reduction Model is still under development within the recovery industry, and not quite understood, we discuss some of the pros and cons of both models.

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There are no two addictions that are the same, so there is no one equation that you can just plug an addict into and expect only positive outcomes. So we get into this more open and understanding world where different intervention strategies are geared towards improving the overall wellness and quality of life for the individual rather than focusing on these hard definitions of what it means to be in recovery or what it means to be sober.
Clinton Nicholson, MA, LPC, NCC – Chief Operations Officer

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