Episode 66

Behind the Care: Leading a Healthcare Team

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In this unique Behind the Care episode, our team dives into the many dynamics it takes to lead a healthcare team. We discuss growing pains, shifts, industry pushbacks, and the multifaceted nature of growing a team within such a significant and growing industry.

Talking Points

  1. The dynamics that change when going from 12 employees to now over 100 employees
  2. What it looks like within our company when a client is disrupted
  3. The industry shifts seen throughout the years
  4. The balance between taking care of the clients and taking care of our team
  5. Growing our clinicians toolkit
  6. Creating an authentic culture
  7. The large weight our team can carry when we experience a loss within the reality of healthcare
  8. Continuously trying to be better
  9. Shoutouts to all leaders


”No organization works if there isn’t safety, and if there isn’t trust. If you have those two things then you have an environment of creativity, risk, of exploration, but also of support, compassion, and empathy.”
-Clinton Nicholson, MA, LPC, LAC

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