Episode 45

Sharing Krystle’s Story

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In this episode we are joined by a family that holds a special place in our hearts to remember and celebrate Krystle’s story.

Talking Points

  1. We are introduced to the nonprofit organization that was inspired by Krystle and her brother Kevin’s lives, called KK Fearless.
  2. Going over possible ways to tell Krystle’s story and celebrate her life in an uplifting way.
  3. Remembering the greatest ways Krystle impacted the lives of the people around her and what they carry with them from knowing her.
  4. Revealing our surprise to Krystle’s family of how we plan to honor her in the future.


“Sometimes it feels like addiction is such a big thing and like addicts are just numbers. And so to hear that there is actually a memory and connection tied, that she wasn’t just passing through your program, like just another number, is really encouraging from a family perspective.”
-Stephanie Scott, Krystle’s cousin

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