Episode 29

Family Shame & Addiction

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Episode 29

Our Family Recovery Coach, Lisa Smith is back on our show to discuss family shame and how to journey through this difficult emotion.


Jason and Lisa explain what the difference is between embarrassment, guilt, and shame
When a family member feels shame and what that looks like in different scenarios
The entrapment of shame within substance abuse
How do we shift a family behavior that has been passed down generations?

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If we can go up the river a little bit as a family and speak what we feel, what we fear, what we are disappointed in, and what we need, a little bit up the river maybe that person who is struggling can reach out to us and we can pull them out before they get further. Or maybe they can even grab onto a branch that’s hanging and can get themselves out because they are seeing how their family is dealing with their own shame and emotions. That can stop the generational passing of it.
 Lisa Smith, BA MME, CCAR Certified Family Recovery Coach

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