Episode 26

Helpful Ways To Identify Manipulation and Set Positive Boundaries

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Episode 26

Our team discusses the complexity of emotional manipulation and ways an individual and family system can both overcome these hardships with positive boundary setting.


The cause and effects of emotional manipulation in relation to addiction and treating clients who experience this hardship
Examples of how families have been honest about manipulation tactics they’ve used in the past
Shame and manipulation
How positive boundary setting can be a solution
Our Chief Clinical Officer gives his advice as a parent and a father

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Boundaries are a lot of times about resilience in general. I think that resilience and being a family that comes together to communicate about problems and not necessarily trying to solve them. I think that parents in general, and this has been my experience as a child, particularly fathers, there’s this impulse to solve the problem right away. Your child says I have a problem, well what are you gonna do about it? Rather than just sitting there and saying all right you have a problem, let’s sit with the problem for a while, what does it feel like to have this problem? Actually sitting with that and getting used to being in discomfort for a moment. I think that when we try to run away from discomfort is when we get into problems. When we try to protect ourselves from it and we try to avoid it and we try to problem-solve our ways out of it I believe we’re going in the wrong direction. It’s okay for things to not be okay for a moment, and so if you can do that as a family system you’ve got a pretty significant leg up and that all of the members of the family at that point recognize that at least have the beginning tools to be able to establish clear boundaries and healthy boundaries moving forward.
Clinton Nicholson, MA, LPC, LAC

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