Signs of Alcohol Poisoning

When alcohol is not consumed responsibly you could be facing addiction or in a more serious situation, alcohol poisoning. It’s important to not only know what it is but the signs to watch out for and how and where to get help.

What is Alcohol Poisoning

Alcohol poisoning is not only serious but can be deadly. It’s a consequence brought on by drinking large amounts of alcohol in a very short period. Regarding what is a large amount – it’s defined as more than what your body can safely process. When you drink too much too quickly the alcohol may start to affect your heart rate, body temperature, and breathing.

Signs to Watch For

There are a few signs and symptoms to watch out for such as:

Abnormal breathing
Passing out
Being unresponsive but conscious
Pale skin

In the most serious of cases, an individual may lose too much fluid, blood glucose levels can drop, and there’s a risk of choking on your own vomit.

How and Where to Get Help

Alcohol poisoning is a serious condition that may be life-threatening. In an emergency, dial 911. You must get the help you need right away if you’ve had it before or may believe you’re facing an addiction problem or alcoholism and require alcohol rehab or alcohol detox. Peaks Recovery Centers have the tools, resources, and staff to get you the help you need and to a better place in your life if you’re struggling with addiction.