Inpatient Rehab in Colorado

When you or a loved one is dependent on drugs or alcohol, acceptance is the first step on the road to recovery. However, if substance abuse has been a long-term feature, it’s almost certain that outside support will be required. Inpatient rehab in Colorado is the ultimate solution.

The sooner you intervene and tackle the issues, the sooner you can achieve sobriety. Here’s all you need to know about the whats, whys, and wheres of inpatient rehab in Colorado.

What is inpatient rehab in Colorado and who is it for?

If you are considering the prospect of professional support from a recovery center, it’s vital that you understand the different levels of care offered. The biggest distinction is between inpatient rehab and outpatient rehab treatments.

While the latter focuses on visiting a center a few times per week while maintaining a standard daily life, inpatient rehab in Colorado is a more intense treatment aimed at focusing solely on helping the patient get clean. With roughly 70,000 overdose-related deaths per year, along with thousands of people who have their lives ruined by substance abuse, the need for inpatient care is clear.

Inpatient rehab involves living on-site or in the rehab center’s community. Treatments cover a wide range of issues, such as;

  • A full assessment,
  • Detox and withdrawal management,
  • Group therapy and AA meetings,
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy,
  • Medication-managed therapy.

The duration of treatment can vary greatly from one person to another, lasting days, weeks, or even months. Some of the contributing factors include age, severity of addiction, time spent addicted, personality, gender, and more.

Ultimately, the intense treatments are personalized to individual needs, giving patients the best shot at becoming free from addiction before staying sober for life.

Why inpatient rehab in Colorado? 

Accepting that you require professional help to overcome your drug or alcohol addiction the necessary first step, but finding the right recovery center is one of the most important steps of all. Choosing rehab in Colorado offers several key benefits, including but not limited to;

  • Inpatient services for men or women give patients the chance to tackle gender-specific issues while avoiding distractions from the opposite gender.
  • World-class support is available throughout the four seasons, which is ideal for inpatients that require long-term rehab in Colorado.
  • Getting away from the surroundings that influenced your past habits allows you to focus solely on becoming free from your substance dependence.
  • The peaceful and secluded surroundings remove access to substances and encourage patients to rediscover a lust for life.
  • Safe and comfortable living situations at Peaks Recovery delivers privacy when needed as well as access to world-class care from a team of compassionate pros.

Calling an inpatient rehab in Colorado

If you believe that inpatient rehab is the best route to overcoming your addiction, it’s vital that you take action right away. Peaks Recovery’s team of physicians, psychiatrists, therapists, and carers will put you in safe hands.

Take the first steps towards a life free from addiction by contacting to arrange a consultation today.

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