About Us

The Start Of Peaks Recovery Centers

We started Peaks Recovery Centers with the intent to change the standard for addiction and mental health treatment. Our goal was to start an innovative program for young adults, which shortly after transformed into a premier program for adult men and women of all ages. Starting our Colorado detox and addiction treatment program allowed us to play an integral part in the evolution of addiction and mental health treatment.

Through our constant effort to drive innovation and positive change, we found a way to provide individuals with the care needed to fulfill long-lasting recovery in their lives. By combining evidence-based methods with inventive new ideas, we’ve built a multidisciplinary treatment program that facilitates long-term recovery.

Mission & Vision

Peaks Recovery Centers is a true dual diagnosis facility offering gender-specific treatment for most adults 18 and older. Our 45 day model of care and curriculum utilizes inclusive language supportive of each individual’s mental health needs; addiction being just one example of a mental health issue we treat.

Our mission is to save lives and our vision is to disrupt our industry through quality of care. The behavioral health industry is fraught with value-destroying behaviors that challenge our future ability to provide quality care, but we did not come into this industry to be mediocre and hide behind hyperbolic mission statements. We are as exhausted as the family systems we treat when surveying the lethargic industry-wide outcomes. We can all do better, we must do better, people’s lives depend on it. 

Our Culture

“Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.”
 Theodore Roosevelt

As part of our continuum of care, we provide the time and structure necessary for healing, giving our patients the best opportunity to develop lasting coping mechanisms and the life skills necessary for long-term stability and sobriety.


chris burns new
Chris Burns, BA


Chris has worked in all facets of inpatient residential treatment from family counseling, case management, residential director, family service director, and program director. Chris brings his knowledge and real-life experiences to Peaks Recovery Centers through dedication. passion, and an underlying commitment to help those still suffering from addiction. The first person you speak with when your loved one enters treatment is Chris and he plays an active role in each client’s time at our center.

Staff Dr. Ashley Johnson
Dr. Ashley Johnson, DO

Chief of Interventional Psychiatry

Staff Dr. Ryan Johnson
Dr. Ryan Johnson, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Jason Friesema, MA, LPC, LAC

Chief Clinical Officer

Meet The Rest Of The Peaks Team

Our Unique Stabilization Model of Care

Peaks Recovery Centers’ model of care specifically addresses the challenges adults face in early recovery. Alcohol and drug addiction manifest themselves differently for not only men and women, but addiction also manifests itself differently for individuals of different age groups. Our understanding of our patient’s different needs has helped us to build a culture of recovery, unlike any other Colorado rehabilitation center.

It’s A Team Effort

Within our program, each individual will work with:

Psychiatric and Primary Care
Licensed and Master Level Clinicians
Licensed Mental and Behavioral Health Professionals
Licensed Nursing Team
Culinary Team
Residential Team
Dedicated Case Manager
Ongoing Support
Peaks Recovery Centers exclusive approach to inpatient treatment empowers men and women to leave drugs and alcohol behind them. Whether you are looking for alcohol rehab, drug rehab, our rehab program helps individuals learn and invest in new life practices, therefore they can restore and reclaim their lives.
If you are interested in Peaks Recovery Centers for yourself or a loved one, please don’t hesitate to call or fill out our form today.

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