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About Peaks Recovery Centers

Peaks Recovery: Colorado’s only drug addiction rehab and alcohol addiction treatment center dedicated to young adults 18-30.

At Peaks Recovery Center, addiction and alcoholism are treated by a staff of professionals with decades of experience. Our staff’s credentials vary between therapists giving us the opportunity to treat underlying co-occurring disorders such as trauma disorder, depressive disorder, anxiety disorder, and type I and II bipolar disorder. Above all, our entire treatment program revolves around young adults and is entirely gender specific. Our strict adherence to this select population gives us the opportunity to eliminate varying distractions between age groups and members of the opposite sex. No other center in Colorado can adhere to the same criteria for admission. People go to treatment for varied reasons and it’s important for us to create a peer-based culture where everyone can relate to one another’s circumstance. Compare us today and see the difference for yourself!

Peaks Recovery IOP: Colorado Springs’ premiere drug rehab and alcohol intensive outpatient treatment center.

Local to Colorado Springs? We offer local IOP services for individuals who reside in Pueblo, Colorado Springs, and Monument. Unlike our destination programs for young adults, our intensive outpatient treatment center is open to all individuals of the community who are eighteen or older and in need of addiction related clinical services. Our outpatient program director Carissa Gallardo has created a program that benefits community members of all ages. Call for more information today!

Our Drug Addiction Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Program in Colorado includes:

  • Beautiful, safe, clean, and structured sober living homes
  • Weekly activities with peers and staff such as hiking, bowling, gym time, sporting events, and, of course, winter fun during season.
  • Daily 12 Step meetings, meeting with a sponsor, book studies, attending recovery based events, comedic shows, and multiple coffee dates with people in the community to promote a healthy fellowship that supports your recovery.
  • Up-to thirty clinical contact hours per week.
  • We use evidenced based clinical approaches: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Process Groups, Motivational Interviewing (MI) techniques, EMDR and somatic trauma based therapy, Vocational and art therapy, relapse prevention, and more…
  • Monthly Family Sessions
  • All clients are held accountable when it comes to maintaining employment, finishing high school or their GED, or starting college courses online or locally here in the Springs.
  • Depending on authorization of days by your insurer, our goal is to at least provide upto ninety days of services to help your loved one get back on track.
  • We offer a rehab for women and men – gender specific clinical services and housing

Mission Statement

Peaks Recovery Center’s purpose is to provide the highest level of alcohol and substance abuse therapies guided by an engaged and licensed clinical team, specifically designed to promote long-term recovery in an accountable, communal setting.

Family Programming

At Peaks Recovery Center we recognize that family and community systems are impacted by addiction and, for this reason, we welcome families into our extended care treatment setting. Families are invited on a monthly basis to participate in therapy with their loved one. Family members are also updated on their loved one’s progress in treatment on a weekly basis. Together, both the monthly family sessions and weekly updates help promote and solidify boundaries between family members and their loved one with the overarching goal of unifying family discourse.

During our ninety day program, families are also encouraged to participate in our family weekend event alongside other families whose loved ones are also participating in our treatment programming.