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Young Adult Addiction Help

Have you, your son or daughter, or a friend struggled with finishing high school or solidifying their GED, going to college, maintaining employment, securing financial independence, or generally experienced issues with forming valuable relationships as a result of using and abusing drugs and alcohol or as a result of underlying mental health disorders? If so, Peaks Recovery young adult drug and alcohol addiction treatment program in Colorado can help put many of these missing pieces back into place over the duration of programming.

Peaks Recovery Centers is a residential addiction treatment center for adult men and women of all ages, however young adults between the ages of 18-26 require a unique approach to care. Theodore Roosevelt once said, “No one cares what you know until they know that you care.” Peaks Recovery embodies the above message everyday to create a therapeutic alliance and trust in the program to the benefit of each young adult we treat.

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Theodore Roosevelt

“No one cares what you know until they know that you care.”

The Peaks Expirience

Peaks' young adult track focuses on issues that affect their age demographic specifically, beginning with a thoughtful clinical setting that promotes an evidenced based drug and alcohol addiction treatment approach. Peaks’ staffs a team of professionals that have a variety of clinical skill sets to clinically address ongoing mental health issues such as anxiety disorder, depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, and trauma related responses. The young adult addiction treatment track is entirely gender specific and all individuals live in gender separate housing.

As part of the young adult experience, clients diagnosed with co-occurring mental health issues will meet with our medical staff to address medication management. Medication management or increased mental health acuity can be addressed onsite daily, no matter the level of care authorized by your insurance. Therapy for individuals with co-occurring disorders will focus on the development of coping mechanisms to help manage their co-occurring issues.

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Therapy is comprised of individual and group therapy work throughout each day. Individual therapy sessions focus on the individual and include trauma work by a licensed and trained professional. Once the patient is both medically and clinically stable they are given the opportunity to work once they step down into the Intensive Outpatient (IOP) ambulatory level of care. This level of care provides more freedom for each young adult in programming as they begin to look for a job, build meaningful resumes by participating in community service work, or go to school online or down the street at University of Colorado Colorado Springs.

We also have a lot of fun at Peaks Recovery Centers. All of our young adults participate in onsite mindfulness based yoga lead by a licensed yoga trained therapist while also participating in many offsite activities such as gym time, crossfit, and daily fellowship opportunities. The young adult program offers unique quarterly trips depending on weather conditions as well. We go skiing, rafting, hiking, and even rent out cool cabins in the rocky mountains where we get out of the city for several days and enjoy the serenity of the outdoors.

Are you or the young adult in your life struggling with alcoholism and or drug abuse? Substance abuse treatment for young adults deals with unique, addiction-related needs for this age demographic. At Peaks Recovery, our addiction treatment setting for young adults in Colorado is committed to each individual’s health and improved well-being, free from substance abuse. Peaks Recovery Centers is a licensed residential addiction treatment center offering an extended clinical track to help you or your loved one get back on their feet. Our structured program promotes long-term recovery in accountable, communal settings. In our recovery process, we help young adults feel safe as they work through the disease of addiction.

Life Skills

Each client will hold a job to ensure a path of independence beyond our program; especially if they are participating in our alumni aftercare program. This part of programing begins when the client steps down to Intensive Outpatient programming which is considered an ambulatory level of care sufficient for community reimmersion. When they receive their first paycheck, they will begin budgeting their weekly allowance for food and toiletries. Each client will then be responsible for their cell phone payment. All other money earned from their job is placed in a Trust Account and given to them in full upon completion of the program. Clients can expect to work between 24 and 35 hours a week between clinical sessions, fellowshipping, and other community-based activities.

If a school is a priority, families are welcome to set up online courses for college or participate at a local campus whether it be a community college or at Colorado’s fastest growing university, the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS). We can also assist clients in securing their H.S. diploma or GED if needed.

To get started, visit our contact page and one of our treatment specialists will contact you. They will help you begin the admission process and will answer any question you might have.

Housing and Transportation

Peaks Recovery Centers’ drug and alcohol treatment center for young adult men and women includes gender separate housing. Our residential setting offers daily clinical support, onsite medical staff, and multiple behavioral health techs to support each individual. Each of our extended care sober living environments is staffed by two behavioral health techs, 24-Hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, and each house meets or exceeds national criteria, established by the Joint Commission, for an environment of care and safety.

All behavioral health techs are CPR/ AED certified, are offered Colorado Addiction Counselor training, and are also offered Peer Recovery Coach training to maximize their potential for helping supporting your loved one. An oncall therapist is also available to clients 24/7 or in cases of emergency. Our program has several, professionally maintained 5,000 sq. ft. homes with beautiful scenery, gym equipment, movie theaters, indoor pool (men’s program) and spacious living to make our program more comfortable and enjoyable for our clients.

Our Homes

Our program has several, professionally maintained 5,000 sq. ft. homes with beautiful scenery, gym equipment, movie theaters, indoor pool (men’s program) and spacious living

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After the residential or partial hospitalization (PHP) phase of treatment, the intensive outpatient or (IOP) portion of programming begins. This ambulatory level of care gives each young adult at Peaks Recovery Center the opportunity to begin community reimmersion. We desire that all young adults be either building their resumes through non-profit work, seeking employment, or participating in school. If you or your loved one do not anticipate relocating to the Colorado Springs area we will work with you on getting aftercare programming setup elsewhere.

To accommodate our young adult’s busy schedules Peaks Recovery offers transportation to any and all non-treatment based settings and events.

Food is provided at the residential level of care and is supported in our extended care setting by the housing fees we ask for on the front end of treatment.

Treating Young Adults

Young adults between the ages of 18-25 are the largest users and abusers of alcohol and illicit drugs in the United States--according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Young adults represent a unique population with very different worldly challenges compared to different age groups when it comes to treating addiction. Young adults are also the largest users and abusers of both prescription pain medications and heroin in the United States causing imminent alarm due to the life and death nature of abusing these powerful drugs. Detoxing off of heroin alone requires an independent medical approach to the controlling and regulating of physiological symptoms and mental cravings. Adding further to the discussion are the complexities and appropriateness of long-term Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for the young adult.

Drug and alcohol addiction manifests itself differently for young adults. For example, young adults have increasing rates of serious mental illness, major depression, and suicidality--these symptoms are strongly correlated with rising rates of opioid use. Other significant underlying alcohol and chemical dependency issues may stem from: past trauma such as emotional or physical abuse; other mental-health issues such as bipolar disorder or anxiety disorders; it may even be fundamentally related to prolonged adolescent behaviors and mentalities due to adolescent drug abuse.

When it comes to clinically treating young adult men and women suffering from alcohol and drug addiction, you can subdue cravings and most physiological symptoms associated with drug and alcohol withdrawals in a medical or social detox setting, but locating and addressing the underlying root causes of the addiction is in need of a long runway to ensure proper delivery of services. A major hurdle for most treatment centers to overcome is their ability to reliably deliver clinical and medical services that uniquely address the independent issues facing young adults in treatment settings.

Peaks Recovery Centers promotes the psychological, emotional, physical, spiritual, and cognitive healing of each individual. To reasonably deliver and support the necessary services addressing the above needs of young adults Peaks Recovery has established a robust continuum of care, including outside collaborative partnerships, to ensure ongoing clinical contact and recovery support. Peaks has thoughtfully staffed the appropriate clinical team that are--between their clinical backgrounds--capable of delivering evidenced based clinical modalities including: certified sex addiction therapy (CSAT), Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) trauma therapy, Somatic Experience Practitioner (SEP) trauma therapy, animal assisted therapy, acupuncture therapy, family therapy and more.

Peaks understands that an alcohol and drug addiction, including most underlying causes of the addiction, manifests differently for young adult men and women. This is why we value and practice gender-specific, evidence-based treatment approaches that have been empirically shown to be effective in the treatment of addiction and dual diagnosis. In fact, we are among a very small handful of recovery centers here in the state of Colorado that offers true gender specific treatment for young adults.

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