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Women's Recovery Program - Aftercare

Alumni Aftercare Plan

Peaks’ model of care promotes a foundation for long-term recovery from drug addiction and alcohol in Colorado. The challenges that face young adults are much different than the challenges facing middle-aged populations in recovery. There are, no doubt, parallels or similarities between age groups, but many of the young adults that come through the doors at Peaks face issues beyond underlying trauma and other co-occurring behavioral and mental health disorders.

Commonly, and generally due to a history of substance abuse and untreated co-occurring disorders, the young adults entering Peaks programming have missed opportunities to apply for jobs, maintain employment, finish school, pay bills, etc. Clinical work is crucial to the process for setting up the young women in our program for success once primary programming is completed.

Generally, depending on where the client is at in their recovery process, individuals are encouraged to participate in our substance abuse aftercare treatment service outpatient setting in Colorado for a variety of reasons between their third month or sixth month of treatment.

Importance of developing a network of support

Within primary programming clients are driven to any and all activities under the structure of the sober living, budget $100 per week for food and toiletries, develop a savings account, pay their cell phone bills, and are busy moving in the direction of independence. However, for example, many individuals face transportation issues post residential treatment and the continuing care outpatient program is an ideal setting to help them begin to face that reality of tackling long-term sobriety. Our aftercare treatment program gives our patients developed network of friendships they can call on friends to help them get around or they can also plan bus routes or even experience the reality of walking to where they have to go. Rising stress levels can be a trigger and our outpatient treatment is there to support your long-term sobriety through your recovery process.

These challenges are important to face as they are everyday challenges that many of you reading this now had to face in your early adult life. Per your own experience, these challenges may have increased stress, reminded you to be prudent when planning for the next day, and motivated you to work toward future goals like purchasing your first car. Regardless, the process toward independence can be tough and it’s important to have continued clinical support along the way to help deal with the guaranteed ups-and-downs of life beyond a treatment centers’ four walls and ultimately avoid relapse.


Beyond transportation issues the world presents many financial challenges including rent. Our sober living home in Colorado is only offered to graduates of our primary programming. This not only offers a safe recovery space for the women moving beyond our primary program, but each person is able to live in the home for $250 per month. The goal with this minimal request is to allow each of our graduates to start budgeting without breaking-the-bank. It can lead to stress for some individuals, but the stress becomes more manageable when compared to leaving treatment and taking on a rental obligation between $600-1500 per month.

A Caring Recovery

Whatever the challenge might be, our aftercare programs offer routine recovery and relapse prevention outpatient services in Colorado Monday-Friday with morning and afternoon group sessions to accommodate any type of schedule. The primary goal of the outpatient setting is to provide continued clinical support. Group settings also allow for individuals to develop new friendships to expand their network of support. Family members can also rest assured that their loved one is on the right path as well and can check in with clinical members with the proper request of information (ROI) in place.

And remember, there is no end goal or destination when it comes to recovery. This is a process moving in the direction of emotional and financial independence for the individual and healing among family members wounded by prior addictive behaviors. Recovery is a lifelong journey. Start your journey today at our drug and alcohol rehabilitation program in Colorado for young adult women. At Peaks Recovery treatment facility and rehab for women, you will receive a caring recovery.