Transitional Living – COMING SOON

Women’s Transitional Living Home

What is Transitional Living?

Our Transitional Living home is a safe, healthy, family-like substance-free living environment that supports individuals in recovery just substance use or mental health disorders. While recovery residences vary widely in structure, ours is structured on peer support connection to services that promote long-term recovery.

Transitional Living Paired with our PHP Program

Our women’s Transitional Living house is available for clients who are actively engaged in our PHP Program.

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What To Expect

A positive, recovery-focused environment that provides safety
Expert staff to create support and accountability
Other people in either substance use or mental health recovery who are also developing independence, growing life skills, and rebuilding a purposeful life
Connection to community services
Structure and routines designed to support a life of recovery

Treatment Outcomes

Peaks Recovery Alumni

It’s not always point A to point B. That is so important, and that is why I am so passionate about the admissions team. Because everybody that walks in the door their treatment is going to look different, it’s not going to be the same. And I love that we actually have the ability to honor that, that everybody gets an experience because their needs are different. It’s awesome to be able to say it, and it actually be delivered.”
Madelyn P – PRC Alumni & Admissions Coordinator

Our 4 Dimensions of Our Transitional Living

In order to support a life in recovery for those women in our recovery home, we have developed these four dimensions.


Transitional Living is where women learn to create a life in recovery, overcoming or managing substance use and/or managing their new stabilized medication routine.


Transitional Living promotes meaningful daily activities, and will be supportive towards going to work, school, and/or volunteering. Residents share mutual aid, chores, and reciprocal responsibilities.


Transitional Living provides our women clients a stable and safe place to live. Secure housing is an important component of recovery.


Transitional Living cultivates family-life social networks and family-like relationships that provide hope, friendship and support.

A Smooth Transition

IOP Services After our Colorado PHP Day Program

Peaks Recovery Centers provides the utmost treatment care for the early recovery stages. After Peaks Recovery’s PHP Day Program, our Aftercare Team will ensure each individual is equipped with the aftercare support to live a purposeful lifestyle after any level of care. Our team will help determine the best aftercare option that suits your needs.

Substance Use Disorders

Co-Occurring Disorders

Mental Health Disorders