From The Meadows To Peaks Recovery

We’re So Proud of You

First, we’d like to congratulate you on completing The Meadows program. It takes strength, courage, and willingness to walk the road of recovery, and you’ve completed one of the hardest steps!

The Meadows and Peaks Recovery Centers have built this relationship because we believe our two treatment curriculums complement one another creating the perfect balance of a well-rounded inpatient treatment experience. Successfully completing both programs can provide you all the foundational recovery pillars to lead a purposeful life.

It’s Great To Meet You

Our Leaders

We want you to feel comfortable with our team, so we’d like to introduce you to a few leaders that will be guiding you through this transition.

Jason Friesema, MA, LPC, LAC

Chief Clinical Officer

Jason has been a part of Peaks’ team since nearly the beginning. He has grown into a pivotal pillar of our clinical team and consistently builds his team up in order to ensure the highest level of care to all our clients. His big heart, immense knowledge of clinical therapy, and true understanding of how to meet an individual where they are at can provide you or your loved one what they need to grow.

peaks recovery founder

Chris Burns, BA

Founder & President

Chris has worked in all facets of inpatient residential treatment from family counseling, case management, residential director, family service director, and program director. Chris brings his knowledge and real-life experiences to Peaks Recovery Centers through dedication, passion, and an underlying commitment to help those still suffering from addiction. Chris will play an active role in your loved one’s transition into Peaks, as well as their time spent here at our center.

The Meadows & Peaks Recovery Dynamic Balance

The Meadows and Peaks Recovery Programs both conquer very important aspects of the recovery journey. Individually, their programs focus on two unique pillars and when combined together provide a strong and meaningful foundation.

The Meadows
  • Academic/educational care
  • Awareness of underlying conditions
  • Intensive
Peaks Recovery
  • Stabilization and alignment
  • Integration & application
  • Relational building
Meadows peaks diagram

A Change of Pace

After completing The Meadows program, you will be able to smoothly transition into Peaks Recovery’s program where you can begin to apply what you have gained through The Meadows in a new atmosphere.

Stabilization and alignment of the skills you recently gained through The Meadows
Community integration skill building
Emotional regulation skill building
Offsite meetings are accessible
Customize your recovery path

Your Peaks Recovery ‘Home’

Residential homes on private land
Spacious and open rooms for optimal comfort
Onsite chefs
Campus activities

Colorado Benefits

Ideal views of the Rocky Mountain Range and Pikes Peak
Beautiful scenery
Four seasons

Family Program

Peaks Recovery provides individualized family care throughout the program. Helping the family create a safe place for conversations and interactions is paramount in recovery.