Stimulant Detox

Can You Quit Stimulants Cold Turkey?

Quitting cold turkey with stimulants is dependent on the type of stimulant being abused. Though some addicts could be advised to quit cold turkey, others are advised to gradually start tapering off the usage. In most cases, withdrawing from stimulants should be under the supervision of a medically trained staff in a detox facility.

Types of stimulants can include:

Cocaine, Adderall, meth, speed, ephedrine, MDMA (Ecstasy), MDPV, methamphetamine, bath salts

Stimulant Withdrawal Symptoms

When one has been heavily using stimulants they may be awake for long periods of time and will ultimately “crash.” They will become depressed and may sleep for hours or even days.

When they wake, the user will experience additional withdrawal symptoms, the most dangerous being severe depression to the point of suicidal thoughts and acts. This is why it’s critical to seek stimulate addiction recovery treatment for addiction instead of the addict trying to quit stimulants on their own. The withdrawal symptoms of stimulants can vary depending on the person’s history with the drugs, physical health, and tolerance.

Two or more of these symptoms usually occur:

Jittery reactions
Dulled senses
Slowed speech/movements
Impaired memory
Insomnia or hyper-somnia
Body aches
Unpleasant dreams

Detoxing Off Stimulants

Stages Of Stimulant Detox

At Peaks Recovery, our medical detox stages can look like this:

Stages of detox 1


Within the first 24 hours of admission, you will meet with our primary care physician and psychiatrist for a health and physical screening and full psychiatric evaluation.

Stages of Detox 2


To address any primary drug and alcohol substance use disorder; including any underlying mental health concerns requires medical stabilization to ensure every patient’s safety and well-being so that they can focus on their recovery goals.

Stages of detox 3


Medical Detox addresses the acute physiological and psychiatric concerns. Like the removal of a cast, the real rehabilitation begins after medical detox.

Mission and vision walking together

Therapy After Our Colorado Drug & Alcohol Detox Center

Detoxing from drugs and alcohol is the first step toward recovery. However, the evidence is clear that the longer a person distances themselves from their last use of drugs and alcohol, the greater chance of recovery. At Peaks Recovery Centers, the next step in our recovery process is transitioning into our residential inpatient rehab.


Peaks Recovery Centers exclusive approach to inpatient treatment empowers men and women to leave drugs and alcohol behind them. Whether you are looking for alcohol rehab, drug rehab, our rehab program helps individuals learn and invest in new life practices, therefore they can restore and reclaim their lives.

If you are interested in Peaks Recovery Centers for yourself or a loved one, please don’t hesitate to call or fill out our form today.

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