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Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Seeking drug and alcohol rehab and treatment can be daunting given the many options available to you. Do you stay in-network or go out-of-network? Do you go to inpatient rehab or consider intensive outpatient treatment (IOP)? Below is some information that we hope can inform you about the pros and cons of intensive outpatient treatment in Colorado Springs before considering inpatient or residential rehab.

At Peaks Recovery Centers, we recognize your potential ambivalence when considering whether or not to pursue intensive outpatient programming in Colorado Springs for your addiction. This page is dedicated to information about our intensive outpatient programming in Colorado Springs including ancillary information about IOP programming so that you can determine whether Peaks Recovery Centers’ intensive outpatient program will work for you.

What is Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)?

Everyone’s needs are different and not everyone is appropriate for an inpatient or residential drug and alcohol rehab center. You may have a full time job or go to school full time. You might be a stay at home parent who does not have the time to be away from your family for thirty to ninety days. Whatever the circumstance, inpatient and residential addiction treatment may not be appropriate for everyone recovering from addiction. In fact, most insurance companies would prefer you start your recovery journey at a lower level of care to see if your addiction can be addressed in an intensive outpatient treatment setting.

So what is intensive outpatient treatment like? Depending on your acuity and potential for relapse, there are few different IOP options available to you that are generally covered by your health insurance policy. Before admitting into an IOP program you should sit down with a clinical therapist who can help assess and diagnose underlying disorders such as substance use disorder, anxiety disorder, depressive disorder, etc. Once the underlying issues have been sorted out a clinical recommendation will be given for how long you should pursue IOP treatment.

Intensive outpatient programming involves anywhere from nine to fifteen hours per week of clinical contact hours ranging from group counseling, to individual sessions, and on-going psychiatric evaluations. To achieve these hours you are encouraged to participate in group therapy for three hours a day over the course of three days or five days per week depending on the clinical recommendation. Most people choose either morning or evening hours to participate in these therapy sessions so that they can accommodate their other daily commitments.

It might be the case that a more traditional outpatient style of treatment programming works best depending on the clinical advice given. In this setting it is ideal that you attend at least six hours of clinical contact hours, including individual sessions with a primary therapist. However, during the beginning stages of addiction recovery, a traditional outpatient program may not offer the therapeutic or peer-driven support necessary to stay sober.

Whether you feel intrigued or are still ambivalent about whether or not intensive outpatient treatment in Colorado Springs will work for you and your schedule, we are happy to help and our admission director is just a phone call away to talk more about your needs as you seek help for your addiction.

About Peaks Recovery Centers’ IOP

Our intensive outpatient treatment center in Colorado Springs makes it easy for local Springs residents to access addiction related services. We can also provide intensive outpatient treatment for those who live close by in Pueblo or Monument, Colorado. Depending on our census, we run morning and evening groups between the hours of 8AM through 11AM and 5PM through 8PM. Our different group hours are intended to provide you with the flexibility you need in your busy life, and your IOP treatment is tailored to meet your unique needs.

Depending on your level of acuity and potential for relapse, a clinical therapist will help you assess the amount of time needed for you to participate in treatment. Depending on that recommendation you may come between two to five times a week, and you’ll only come on weekdays. And unlike inpatient and residential drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs, you can continue to live at home, continue with your job or school, and enjoy your additional free time with family and friends. All services are provided by a professional, experienced addiction counselor.

Want to know a bit more about our intensive outpatient programming? Feel free to contact our admissions line at anytime and our admission director will be happy to walk you through the treatment process and prepare you for this journey. We do not operate a call center and our admission director is local and intimately aware of what our intensive outpatient treatment is all about. Call us today!

Is IOP treatment in Colorado Springs, Colorado right for you?

If you are struggling with alcohol or chemical dependency, we are here to help. We offer a professional, confidential setting where you can seek help for your addiction and underlying co-occurring disorders. If you are visiting this page now, it’s up to you to make the first call and we are hopeful that we can be a good fit for your recovery related needs.

Intensive outpatient treatment offers you flexibility in your daily life while getting the help you need to address your addiction. If you would like more information, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our admission director is a real person and not a call center. He will listen to you and do whatever he can to ensure a smooth entry into our IOP programming. We look forward to hearing from you.