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Family Support for Men's Families

Triple Peaks Family Recovery Program

Do you have a family member struggling with substance use disorder? Does his addiction consume your family life? Are you struggling with having boundaries, holding him accountable, and taking care of yourself in the process?

Triple Peaks' family recovery program exists to bring restoration to families struggling with addiction. Substance use disorder impacts the entire family system, including parents, siblings, partners, extended family, friends and more. Many times family and friends are unsure how to support the addiction, while caring for themselves at the same time. Our goal at Triple Peaks is to help the entire family understand the influence of addiction in their family, and how to recover together. Everyone affected by addiction deserves to find stability and happiness in their life, and Triple Peaks desires to help you get there.

One-on-one family therapy sessions with your loved one's primary therapist is a service provided on an ongoing, monthly basis. If the family is unable to attend these sessions due to travel limitations, we can replace in person sessions with video and phone call sessions. Family members are also updated on patient progress in treatment on a weekly basis by our Case Manager. Between the monthly therapy sessions and weekly updates from our Case Manager, family members replace vulnerabilities surrounding their loved one's addiction with significant boundaries and education that can empower the entire family system.

During our ninety-day program, up-to three family members, along with their loved one, are also invited to participate in a two-day family weekend event with other patients and their family members. This family event provides an experience to educate recovering addicts and their families about the recovery process. This intimate event helps family members create healthy boundaries, discuss family issues and patterns, understand codependency, develop methods for lasting recovery, and education surrounding the nature of addiction.

Requirements for participating in our family weekend include:

  • Family members will attend throughout the weekend experience. No exceptions.
  • Collectively, patients and their family members will come together on Friday night prior to the weekend and get to know one another.
  • No family members under the age of 16 are allowed to participate
  • No more than three extended family members are allowed to participate per patient
  • Lunch is provided during both days of this family event.

Costs of this portion of programming are inclusive of the cash rate and also covered by most insurance policies. If patients stay a minimum of 90 days in our program, family weekend is guaranteed.