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Men's Recovery Program - Aftercare

Men’s Aftercare Plan for Substance Abuse

The first three months of Peaks Recovery aftercare program are specifically designed to promote long-term addiction recovery. All transportation is provided for every event and activity the client is scheduled to be at. This allows for every client to put their recovery first and lesson the worrying of where they will live after treatment or how they will get from point A to point B.

The outpatient setting, however, provides a transitional, independent track for which the client will become more independent and less reliant on our addiction recovery program structure. Each client will continue to participate in two afternoon group therapy sessions per week plus their individual sessions. At this point they can live within our alumni sober living housing or elsewhere in the community so long as they continue to participate in our outpatient program. The cost of our alumni housing is 50/ week which we believe to be a nice stepping stone before taking on a higher based rent elsewhere. For the next three months the client is welcome to have their own car, make their own schedule, and begin their journey of independence. The clinical setting continues to be there for them when they run into difficulty.

Our outpatient, alumni housing is not open to the community. Every member residing in our alumni housing has completed our program with a minimum of six months of personal sobriety. Living among members of the alumni community with the same goals, interests, and six-month foundation in recovery provides an extended, accountable, communal setting.