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Men's Medical Detox In Colorado Springs, Colorado


Substance Specific Detox


Detoxing from intense and ongoing alcohol consumption can be life threatening and should not be performed without medical supervision.

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Opioid addiction is life threatening and should be treated as a medical emergency; especially for intravenous heroin users.

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Prolonged stimulant use will cause withdrawal symptoms due to the brain becoming reliant on the drugs to regulate cognitive function and focus.

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Opioids: Codeine, Fentanyl, Hydrocodone, Methadone, Morphine, Oxycodone/ OxyContin, Percocet, Demerol. Benzodiazepines: Xanax, Klonopin, Librium, Valium, ativan, and more. Over counter medications and more…

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24/7 Medical Staff

Onsite psychiatrist and primary care physicians, mid-level providers, and 24/7 nursing to promote your safety and comfort at Peaks.

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We are licensed to provide a full continuum of care that is thoughtfully staffed to meet your unique needs in early recovery.

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24/7 Access to Medical Doctors, Nurses, and Licensed Professionals

A Safe & Comfortable Detox is a Crucial Starting Point

Our in-house drug and alcohol medical detox ensures your safety around the clock with 24/7 nursing. We are always monitoring for new signs in withdrawal symptoms, changes in medical conditions, medication management, and safety and comfort.

How is our Medical Detox Different?

  • Seamless On-site Detox Process
  • Upon arrival client with be greeted by a Nursing team member to ensure safety & to initiate assessment
  • All BLS/CPR Certified
  • A team built of BH, ER, and ICU nurses to form a diverse medical team to fit any client needs
  • Open door policy for any client questions
  • Integration of neuroplasticity Medication management

Professional Medical Care in a Residential Setting

Unlike detoxification in a hospital surrounded by bright lights and white walls, our medical detox environment of care is:

  • Provided in one of our licensed residential homes
  • Relaxing & comfortable
  • Catered to decrease stimuli
  • Holistic approach

Stages of Detox

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Within the first 24 hours of admission you will meet with our primary care physician and psychiatrist for a health and physical screening and full psychiatric evaluation.

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To address any primary drug and alcohol substance use disorder; including any underlying mental health concerns, requires medical stabilization to ensure every patient’s safety and well-being so that they can focus on their recovery goals.

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Medical Detox addresses the acute physiological and psychiatric concerns. Like the removal of a cast, the real rehabilitation begins after medical detox.

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Dr. Ryan Johnson, MD

Medical Director/
Primary Care Physician

Dr. Ashley Johnson, DO

Chief Medical Officer/

Medical Detox Professionals

Peaks Recovery is one of the only Centers to Employ non-contracted Medical Staff.

Peaks Recovery has a medical staff that is unmatched by most other addiction treatment centers across the state of Colorado. Typical detox programming in Colorado only offers onsite medical staff for a minimum of 9 hours/ week. Our physicians are both onsite and available to our patients throughout the week.

Having a Psychiatrist and a Primary Care Physician onsite allows our program to nurture both the physiological symptoms and mental health symptoms associated with drug and alcohol detox. We can also address more medically acute conditions that would otherwise require an emergency room visit allowing for minimal disruption as you or your loved one get well and recovery from drugs and alcohol abuse.

Peaks Recovery Centers, Colorado

After Detox

Inpatient Rehab After Our Colorado Drug & Alcohol Detox

Detoxing from drugs and alcohol is the first step toward recovery. However, the evidence is clear that the longer a person distances themselves from their last use of drugs and alcohol, the greater chance of recovery. At Peaks Recovery Centers, the next step in our recovery process is transitioning into our inpatient residential rehab.

  • Trusted by professionals
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Trauma Therapy
  • 100% Master Level Clinicians
  • Family Healing
  • Dedicated Aftercare Planning
Our Men’s Inpatient Rehab


What is Drug & Medical Detox?

Drug and alcohol detox programs are designed to alleviate the symptoms that begin to arise over a short time period after a person’s last ingestion of drugs or alcohol. The symptoms and length of drug and alcohol withdrawal vary depending on both the drugs and alcohol being abused and the length of time of abuse.

What are the Symptoms of Withdrawal?

Below are a few withdrawal symptoms and timelines associated with major abuse:

  • Heroin, opioids, and prescription painkiller withdrawal symptoms: flu-like symptoms; including major muscle cramping and dry-heaving lasting for an average period of 5 days.
  • Benzodiazepines (i.e. xanax, valium, lorazepam, librium, etc.) withdrawal symptoms: anxiety, hallucinations, psychosis, and seizures lasting for weeks or, in some cases, months.
  • Alcohol withdrawal symptoms: tremors, incontinence, and seizures potentially lasting anywhere between a couple of days and weeks.
  • Cocaine withdrawal symptoms: depression and restlessness lasting between 7-10 days on average

Given the above symptoms and potential complications for detoxing from drugs and alcohol it is our recommendation that you consider detoxing at our licensed detox facility in Colorado Springs with a trained medical team that can ensure you or your loved one’s safety.

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How Long Is Detox?

General detox episodes vary between five to seven days, but can last as long as two weeks for heavy alcohol and benzodiazepine users. If you’ve been using daily and have developed a significant tolerance for either drugs or alcohol, more time will be required for your body and mind to feel normal again.

What Drugs Cause Withdrawal Symptoms?

All drugs—depending on what drugs are used and the frequency of use—can cause withdrawal symptoms. Severe alcohol abuse can cause anxiety, clammy skin, dilated pupils, fatigue, seizures, and even death. Delirium tremens symptoms (DTs) is also a severe manifestation of alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Opioids can cause severe flu like symptoms from muscle aches, sweating, ,vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramping, but has not been documented to be fatal. Benzodiazepine withdrawal can have more significant withdrawal symptoms leading to anxiety, heart palpitations, hand tremors, hallucinations, psychosis, increased risk of suicidal ideations, and even seizures resulting in death if not properly supervised.

Can I Detox On My Own?

Though not all drugs require significant medical attention when detoxing such as marijuana, detoxing on your own is not recommended. If the goal is to maintain sobriety, detoxing on your own can be quite uncomfortable and the potential for immediate relapse is statistically likely. Above all, if you are severely dependent on alcohol or benzodiazepines it is absolutely critical that you detox in a professional, medical setting that specializes in handling the significant and acute detox symptoms associated with these drugs. Even if your drug of choice does not require medical supervision, having a safe inpatient facility with licensed counselors and medical practitioners to nurture your mental health through this time period is recommended.

Do You Use Medications To Assist Medical Detox?

Yes. Peaks’ medical team uses a variety of medication approaches to treating the symptoms associated with detox. Depending on your unique detox episode, our primary care physician or psychiatrist will prescribe the most efficacious drugs to reduce the symptoms associated with withdrawal. For opioid dependence, the Peaks medical team will not shy away from using Buprenorphine (suboxone) or Vivitrol to support getting you back on track. Please note that we take seriously the data when it comes to prescribing medications for detox and we may choose alternative detox methods depending on patient demographics.

Is Peaks Recovery a Medical Detox?

Peaks Recovery is a licensed medical detox provider in the state of Colorado. All our facilities; including our spaces used for detox have been approved by the Office of Behavioral Health to deliver these important medical services. Only a handful of providers are licensed to provide ASAM 3.7 Level of Care (Medical Detox) in the sate of Colorado. From detox to outpatient programming, Peaks Recovery is licensed to support you for at period of up to 90 days in treatment if needed. However, we do offer 30 and 60 day treatment episodes if this approach is better suited for you.

Can I Just Use Your Detox Services?

Peaks Recovery is happy to support single case detox episodes. However, we highly encourage you to consider a longer treatment episode with Peaks or to allow us the opportunity to find you local support in your community whether that be an IOP program, individual therapy, or even setting up a psychiatrist for your continued well being. Neuroplasticity is the science that shown our brains can change and adapt to a life of recovery, however this is not an over night change and can take years to rewire the brain in the direction of recovery.