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There is something special about the current state of affairs at Triple Peaks Recovery. Several months ago when the doors first opened there was a timid sense of the unknown. It was clear through Chris Burns leadership what the goals and purpose of his first drug treatment program were to be, yet the vision and full beds do not always go hand-and-hand in the recovery business. Addiction is an unfortunate side effect of the human experience and getting a client to commit to a program is one thing, but getting their respect and, also, completing the program is another.

I first visited Triple Peaks Recovery when there were only a handful of clients through the front door. The Triple Peaks office was a lot quieter then, the walls a little more bare, and the impact that Chris' unique program would have on any of these young men was yet to be seen. Fast forward, then, to the present and the only thing that has changed about the office environment is that there is more noise and more clients.

The noise is a thing of beauty though. Young men, once timid-or so it felt in the beginning when I had fist met them-were now young men of a different sort. They seemed to be walking taller, standing prouder, and above all, their language had changed. Swear-words were fewer and far between, words of encouragement and laughter are ingrained in the office halls now, and, above all, the happy smiles are filled with sobriety. The real person, once thought to be lost by family and friends, has made the incredible climb back into a position of authority. Authority they did not have over themselves when drugs consumed them.

The most powerful feature in hind site regarding Chris' program seems his ability to relate with every individual in his program. Sure, he is a bigger guy with tattoos, who upon looking at him in person would have any timid soul in fear of a pending head-lock (a common joke among the young men in the program now), but his size is not what has gained respect. You gain respect in this life, I think, by showing people what respect looks like to begin with. The way you carry yourself, the way you communicate and interact with other souls: This either makes people want to be around you or be far from you. So, yes, you have this bigger guy, Chris, but the reality is that the sensible nature seen from the outside-looking-in that hovers over his program, like the sun on a beautiful clear day, is what gains such respect. By following Chris' lead Triple Peaks' clients feel and have gained a sense of self that they did not have before walking through the front doors.

In the end, there is much to acknowledge about the staff in total and all the moving parts that have created the synergetic movement happening at Triple Peaks drug treatment program. I simply, for the purposes of this anonymous view, only hope to show that there is something special happening at Triple Peaks that you'd have to see to believe. When I last visited, three men who I originally met on my first trip to Triple Peaks, were proudly walking into the Alumni program. That's three lives that may have been lost to drug abuse had it not been for Triple Peaks Recovery. What a beautiful thing!

Keep doing what you do!