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Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Admissions

Rehab Admission Process Overview

Substance abuse and addiction recovery is not a generic process. It is unique for each individual in a treatment program. Providing you with clinical services that match your needs is important to us at Peaks Recovery. Our goal is to build a recovery culture that is both inviting and conducive for your loved one's long-term recovery.

We would be happy to work with you to see if our treatment setting and your needs are a match. Admission into Peaks Recovery for our men or women's alcohol and drug addiction treatment programming in Colorado is a straightforward and easy process:

Let's Talk

Are you wondering how to go to rehab or what the process is like? Contact us to discuss your situation.

Verify Insurance

If you have insurance and would like us to check how your insurance would work with our rehab program, click here. After submitting your insurance information, it usually only takes a few hours to review that information.

If we discover, together, that Peaks Recovery is the right fit for you or your loved one, we will walk you through the rehab admission process. This will include verifying your insurance and setting up an admission date and time.