Gender Specific Treatment - Colorado

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Gender Separate Treatment Matters

Serenity Peaks Recovery and Triple Peaks Recovery are among a very short list of residential extended care, gender specific treatment facilities within the state of Colorado. In fact, we are the only gender-separate treatment facility in the state of Colorado offering 90 day primary programming with a continued, structured aftercare program.

According to SAMHSA, the national data consistently shows that gender is an important factor when examining patterns of substance abuse. Men and women enter treatment settings at not only different rates—33% of treatment admissions being women and 66% being men—but young adult men and women use drugs for a variety of different reasons and their use of drugs varies greatly depending on age.

For example, women are 22% less-likely to enter a treatment program for alcohol abuse and about 27% less-likely to enter treatment for marijuana abuse than their male counterparts. Women are also more likely than males to report nonmedical use of prescription drugs.

Not only do women and men tend to use drugs and alcohol for different reasons, gender-separate treatment also eliminates distraction between members of the opposite sex. Drugs offer instant gratification and relief for individuals who struggle both mentally and emotionally. In early recovery it is important to separate men and women for this very reason. Intimacy between young adults of the opposite sex can be harmful during early recovery as individuals replace the harder work going on within the clinical setting with those “feel good,” instant gratification moments.

Given the data and the potential distractions that cause harm in early recovery, we believe gender-separate treatment to be an invaluable component of the clinical setting. During the six-month program every client will have the opportunity to reintegrate their social lives with members of the opposite sex, but there is a process in place for getting to those social interactions.