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Drug And Alcohol Addiciton Treatment For Men

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Peaks Recovery young adult program for men is a nationally accredited, gender specific, residential-extended care, drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility; serving men between the ages of 18-30. Located in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado, Triple Peaks Recovery integrates a variety of individual, group, and trauma therapies to treat both substance use disorder and many co-occurring mental health issues. Our three-month addiction treatment program, followed by our structured aftercare program, allows each individual within our treatment setting to incrementally move forward in their recovery. Our men’s program is favorably structured for young adult men and specifically designed to promote long-term recovery in an accountable, communal setting.

Why Extended Care Treatment?

Studies show that the longer young adults participate in treatment programs and stay active in their recovery, the more likely it is that they will achieve long-term sobriety and stability.

Admission Process

Men's Program Overview - Colorado

First 90 days

Structured Aftercare

Life Skills



The first 90 days in our drug and alcohol addiction treatment program for young adult men in Colorado begins with an extended, intensive clinical schedule. Everyday, Monday through Friday, each client will participate in morning and afternoon group therapy sessions along with their weekly individual sessions. Depending on mental-health and trauma based issues, clients may receive more than one individual per week including weekly psych evaluations. Each client will also participate in at least two daily fellowship meetings within the community. We offer full gym memberships to our clients and at least once per week a morning group session is replaced with recreational based therapy at the gym.

The goal within the first 90 days is to provide a safe, therapeutic environment that addresses each client's addiction and mental health. A strong clinical start helps the staff better understand the goals of each client and make appropriate recommendations for their continued care. Depending on progress within treatment, each client will be required to hold a job after 30-45 days in treatment.

The remaining portion of our addiciton treatment programming in Colorado emphasizes life skills and the implementation of those skills. Each client will continue to participate in the clinical setting with their morning group therapy sessions, Monday through Friday, including their weekly individual sessions. Equine therapy, recreational therapy, vocational/ art therapy are also continued.

After their morning groups we require that every client participate in resume building, filling out applications, and going out on job search. Every client will hold a job during their time within our program. When they receive their first paycheck they will start to budget their own weekly allowance for food and toiletries. We also require that each client take on their own cell phone payment. All other money earned from their job is saved and given to them in full upon completion of the program. When properly budgeted, individuals can save anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 within the time period of our program giving them a great start in the next part of their recovery journey. We provide transportation for everything.

The end treatment goal for all our clients is for them to be accountable, independent adults who are able to work and maintain a job, pay bills, and live a life of recovery. Working alone can present major challenges for an individual in recovery e.g. working around inviduals who are themselves using drugs and alcohol. Rather than having to deal with these types of triggering events on their own, everyday they are able to return to both a sober based community and clinical setting to talk about and work through these real life challenges. Every client in the IOP setting has the opportunity to work Monday-Friday from 11AM-5PM and anytime on Saturday.

Our drug and alcohol addiction treatment program for young adult men offers effective, structured housing that fosters a culture of accountability and recovery. Every home is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days per week and each home meets national criteria, established by the Joint Commission, for environment of care and safety.

Peaks Recovery drug and alcohol addiction treatment programming for men in Colorado offers transportation throughout the entire stay of our six-month addiction treatment program.