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Drug & Alcohol Recovery in Colorado

Peaks Recovery are nationally accredited, residential drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs in Colorado, specifically designed for young adult men and women, ages 18-30. Call today: 855-430-8630.

A Caring Recovery Network for Young Adults

Peaks Recovery are among a very short list of extended care, gender specific treatment facilities within the state of Colorado. In fact, we are the only gender-separate treatment facility serving both men and women that values the elimination of gender based distractions.

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About Peaks Recovery

Peaks Recovery are residential drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers located in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado; specifically designed to support young adult men and women in their recovery.

  • 90 Day Primary Program
  • Continued Structured Aftercare Program
  • All Transportation Included
  • All Client's Hold a Job
  • Group, Individual, and Trauma Therapies
  • Weekly Family Updates

Specifically designed to promote long term recovery in an accountable, communal setting.


Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual Diagnosis refers to individuals who struggle with both a mental illness and substance use disorder. Often times, mental health issues are the root causes for prolonged substance use.

  • DBT Therapy
  • EMDR Trauma Therapy
  • Equine Therapy
  • Recreational Therapy

By addressing the underlying issues of the substance use disorder, treatment becomes more effective and individuals are able to develop longer, more reliable coping mechanisms in the process.


Why Extended Care?

Extended treatment matters, national relapse rates for individuals coming out of 30-45 day programs is around 77% within the first year.

  • One Year Sober: relapse potential drops by 50%
  • After two years: relapse potential drops by 85%
  • After five years: relapse potential less than 15%

Both time and scturcutre gives young adults the best opportunity to develop lasting coping mechaniesms and life skills necessary for long-term stability and sobriety.


Admission Process

The process for shutting off our cravings for drugs and alcohol, including the process for turning on important coping mechanisms to alleviate on going mental health issues, is not a light switch. Most people abusing drugs and alcohol, those neglecting their mental health, or both, have invested themselves in those behaviors for months, years, and even decades. At Peaks Recovery we believe that long-term recovery requires a significant investment to heal both our mind and body from our unhealthy past.

For more information about our long-term recovery program and the process for admission, please click below.

Admission Process
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Peaks Recovery Model Of Care

At Peaks Recovery, our model of care specifically addresses the challenges young adults face in early recovery. Alcohol and drug addiction manifests itself differently for not only men and women, but addiction also manifests itself differently for individuals of different age groups. By primarily focusing on young adults we are able to build a culture of recovery unlike any other addiction treatment program in the state of Colorado.

Have you, your son or daughter, or a friend struggled with finishing high school or getting a GED, holding down a job, becoming financially independent, or generally experienced issues with forming valuable relationships as a result of using and abusing drugs and alcohol or as a result of some underlying mental health disorder? If so, Peaks Recovery can help put many of these missing pieces back into place over the duration of our program.

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